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Logo Design: Business card


Background Information:

At first, I decided to do branding on a game called “yuanshen“ (原神) and is an adventure game I play with my friends, and to choose a second backup theme for my design, but I did make two fishes on purpose. My sign is Pisces and that’s why I decided. I really believe in the constellation and I chose to do this.

Context: Companies, Pins, webpages, Cards, Badges, etc.

3 Keywords/Images:

  • Creative
  • Own Design
  • Community

I chose this pic for inspiration because I want to use the same color decisions, since signs (My main idea of creation) relate much more to cold colors so, I wanted to make the whole feeling coldish and mythical.


Inspirational Padlet:

Made with Padlet


Design Progress:

Generating Ideas: Sketches

As I began to plan on what my logo will look like, I drew 20 small, quick sketches based on what I have chosen ( the constellation, Pisces.) Finally, at last, I decided to make it look simple, black/white, and unique.

This is the first design I first explored and designed, the inspiration is from my pallet and it is a black and white themed fish sign.


  • The image on the right side is an inspiration to the pin.
  • These three are also my draft, at first, I decided to do a pink color but after I put it onto my pin, the design didn’t meet my expectations. So, then at stage 2, I changed my design into the color black, making it more simple.


Typography- Lyrics and Design Poster

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Define and Inquire:

I chose these examples within my “skill limit” based on typography, and also because I like these designs, they inspire me into creating new designs!


Develop and Plan:

Drafts: (3)

My final work in the first stage:



Includes specific background themes

Includes different techniques and different typography designs



Only one-color theme based (Add more color)


After having feedback, I changed my work:



I think my strengths for this unit are quickly developing a final plan and getting onto the task. For example, I did two final artwork, and both of them express the same theme but in different and separate ways.

In the process of creating this, I tried a lot of different ways to express the song I chose. It’s not that easy thinking about all the drafts and ideas. At last, I put my design altogether.

I think what I struggle with the most it I don’t have an exact idea on how to improve or to do my typography design. Which then makes difficulties with the creating/drawing process.








Design Element: Color

Color – Design Element -Sophie

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What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

In other words, say it, the role of elements and principles is how you put the elements together to create a visual representation to convey your message. ( As for an example: My design element is color so I created a representation of color to show the difference to my viewers and to convey the message inside it.

What is this design task all about?

In this unit, we each had an element that we would create based on it. Different elements could illustrate differently and could have different results. Like for people that used shapes, they might have used different and interesting shapes to fascinate or to make it appealing. The designs might also have different meanings that have connections to the creators themselves.

Why did you design your illustration this way?

I did my design adding different shapes and different color scenes to show how my feelings are for this year. I also used some ideas I doodled in the class:

The ones that I’ve circled are the ones that inspired me and the ones I put in my design. Like the Movement&Direction one, I used white/grayish color and added it at the top of my design. Same for the balance one, but I chose to make it into different shapes this time.

And finally, the colors I chose to be in this design, is because I feel happy about a school not feeling stressed totally. The design might have some of my own feelings and different meanings.

My design progress:

  1. Choose the colors
  2. Background making
  3. Adding the shapes ( Inspiration form Movement&Direction)
  4. Finishing off the shapes with putting different faces on them to show the different feelings of myself this schoolyear.
  5. End


My Persona Poster

What is Graphic design?

Basically it’s another type of art for me, putting into a lot of categories, graphic design has a lot you can explore. For example in your everyday life, you can see a lot of things based on it.

What’s my most memorable experience designing?

Designing out my own character.

I hope I can get better at my drawing skills and my basic drawing techniques.

Made with Padlet
For this work, I tried to put in elements of my note-taking things; Like my everyday school life. I put in doodling as if I’m drawing on my notebook. I also put in a cat. My favorite animal also. I chose to do this type of style is also because I think that this relates to me.
On the other hand, for my goal setting, I think it would be better if I focused more on drawing techniques and design layouts to make my work more interesting.

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Common vertical review

In the common vertical assignment I did well on using different techniques and generally writing a relatable story with my theme.

I need to work on using details to express the character’s feelings and the background/ scene. Maybe also making the story more accurate and more understandable.

I am going to set a goal on making character connections and maybe using symbolism and traits to make my story more interesting.