The Monarchy of The French Revolution

My name is Claire. I was someone in a needy family. Until that day where there’s an inequality. I grabbed out my old notebook. It was full of dirt then, but I still can use it. But for now, it’s an emergency. Talk to you later!

Something has changed. I’m not sure what, but I know that it has to be the revolution. If you have asked me, then I’ll say it’s about the monarchy, liberty and equality. From 1789 to 1799, perspectives have changed, and things have changed. People’s thinking was being changed about how things should be done. When I attended to go in the march of Versailles, just at that moment, I finally know what they are thinking. It’s about the inequality and how they’re fighting for themselves because of the prices they can’t afford. So, they were still trying to fight for it even if it won’t really happen.

Also notice how the people’s beliefs were changed. How it went from a fight of complete monarchy to a country for freedom and liberty. I remembered for that time when the terror had happened. A lot of people was brought out and was being killed. It’s not fair for us and we decided to protest. My beliefs were changed by how the people stood up and won new laws. The French revolution ended by Bourgeois, when he installed a new government which followed the principles of freedom, liberty, and equality for everyone.  There were things that didn’t change though, for example how there were still people that didn’t get happy, and how the ruler for the country stayed for a male ruler. I grabbed out my worn-out journal again, and decided to write my fantastic journeys throughout the revolution.


A History Book That You Might Like

“Flesh &Blood So Cheap is a book by Albert Marrin that explains real events happening in America around the 80’s and the 90’s. In an accident, a serious fire happened in New York that led to new laws changing the whole country.

The book mainly talks about a fire tragic that happened in 1911, it’s a disaster that changed the whole country. Uncovering the unequal social climate and unfair working conditions that led to the death of 146 people. At that time, there is no such thing as a safety net that can insure you from work safety.

One theme of this book is fighting “Injustice.” After the “Triangle Fire” accident has happened,  over twenty million immigrants arrived in the United States from Europe. “By 1800’s Malaria, a disease that has become epidemic throughout the whole Europe. Which then made a lot of people fled back to US. Also because of natural disasters, crop failures, poverty, prosecution or just a want for a better life.  After about in the twentieth century, industrialization has made the United States a world power.However, life for most Americans during this time was a harsh struggle for existence. People was commonly injured or even will be killed on the job, and there were no law safety to protect them.

For example, at the first part of the book, “Huddled Masses” it said that Frances Perkins personally witnessed the “Triangle Fire” and was so shaken by what she had seen that she then devoted rest of her life such a horror would not happen again.

“The sight of people jumping from windows affected her so deeply that she vowed such a horror could not, must not, be allowed to happen again.”

I think that we should read this book because of how it lets us explore the 80’s through the 90’s and what people has been through. Also because how the story told us about the “Triangle Fire” that affected lot’s of peoples regular lives. I was inspired by how Frances Perkins put her life into how she said that the horror would not happened again. Later on in the story, it is said that :” The fire led to reforms, and many new laws have been enacted since then to better protect the safety and health of workers.”

In this unit I learned how sometimes a person got so affected that she or he decides to put all their life into doing this to not let this kind of problem happen again. Also, I learned how sometimes you need to search online for more information and not just find it in the book. Sometimes internet will help you more for you to dig deeper into your topic.

Fish Cheeks Found Poem


Poem Explanation:

I created this poem with the words in the story “Fish Cheeks”. The main conflict in the story was Amy being disappointed by her family’s manner and Chinese food. Amy fell in love with the minister’s son, but after knowing that her parents has invited him for Christmas Eve she suddenly felt miserable and doesn’t want the minister’s son to be disappointed. Which is why I put some vocabulary identifying her family’s manner.  Also the three words deeper despair and disappear. Showing how Amy wants to disappear.

About the author :

Amy Tan