Common vertical review

In the common vertical assignment I did well on using different techniques and generally writing a relatable story with my theme.

I need to work on using details to express the character’s feelings and the background/ scene. Maybe also making the story more accurate and more understandable.

I am going to set a goal on making character connections and maybe using symbolism and traits to make my story more interesting.


Independent reading—1

I didn’t have a book when we went to the library last time, so I started one day later reading my book :”The unfinished life of Addison Stone.” I just found it in the mystery section and decided I will try it. And for my reading plan, I think it’s starting to work and I will try to manage to read 30 minutes a day.

Goals For English 9

For me, some of my strengths is having a regular reading schedule and maybe having writing as my strength quite well. In the summer I was being assigned a lot of classes for reading and writing so basically the work I did on the two skills will be much more than I focus on my listening and speaking.

Since I was transferred from the domestic primary school to ISB in grade 3, so it was a big turning point for me. And because the teaching of English in domestic schools was different from here, I was in EAL in Grade 5 and 6. So for me, one of my weaknesses are I probably don’t know really much vocabulary.

Goals For this year:

  • Focus more on listening and speaking in class ( Concentrate more and try not to be distracted by others.)
  • Having a more effect learning plan

The sources available for me right now is basically the classes I have one by one and for toefl. I have basic classes