Blog Post 3: Create and Improve

3 Goals For Today:

1. Write Blog Post 3

2. Start working on my video

3. Finish recording the sources in the game.

A challenge I had is when I need to make it really precise with the music and the vid. Which means that I have to make it really coordinated, and that makes the video a lot better. So I spend a lot of time making my video.
A Aha moment I had is that I finally know how I can make it just as right with the music, so making it coordinated.
A pic of what it might look like:
A goal for tmr:
-Get all the materials I need and start doing my video.

Blog Post 4

“It’s right?”
“It sure is.”
“We don’t have a good situation right now.”
“The coronavirus, don’t you know about that?”
“Oh!” “I See!”
“What’s our research question again?”
“How does the length and material of the suspension ropes affect the accuracy of the drop and the speed of the drop? “
“Oh! I’ll test it right away!

Here’s our data collection procedure! Copy it down, and we will start testing!!

1. Clear the landing area of people.
2. Person A set up a recording in a position that the camera would capture the box and the height of 4 meters.
3. Person B get ready to throw down the parachute.
4. Person B: Vocally warn your teammates with a five second countdown. Person A: Press record on the iPad as soon as Person B starts counting to ensure a full scene of the package falling.
5. Person A: After the box has landed and stopped moving, stop the video and trim out the ineffective bits.
6. 9) Repeat steps 1 to 9 at least three times.

Trials Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Condition of package
Number of bounces

Final Velocity

Observations We Noticed:

“Oh yeah!”
“Forgot to show you my parachute!”

Blog Post 3

“Oh, welcome back!”

“I need to finish testing those packages.”

“Read on!”


Since because of the coronavirus our group can’t do the drops anymore and needs to finish finding new materials and that’ll help replace the materials we don’t have. Based on Charlott, one of group members, we noticed we’ll need to change the nylon ropes into heavy duty ropes. Also knowing that we don’t have the hot press machine we need to also change the parachute’s material into a plastic bag.


Originally, our group was going to vary these three types of materials: Thick nylon ropes, Heavy Duty Strings and Normal ropes. We had picked three types of materials, but we don’t all have them. Instead, we will use: Normal ropes, Heavy duty strings, and maybe Hemp ropes (Maybe).


Our constraints are using the materials we have, and to know what each other are using. Charlott and me are using Heavy duty string instead of Thick nylon ropes. So right now we need to focus on our materials for the parachute.

Blog Post 2

“Oh hey!”

“Your back.”

“Now continue reading.”




“Promising that the products are safely dropped and will land accurately at your front door 10cm within the mark.”


“How does the length, material of the suspension ropes affect the accuracy of the drop and the speed of the drop?” My group, Charlott and myself, is researching this. Basically, meaning that this is our research question.


Our Prediction


          Predicting that the best design for our variable is using nylon made 35cm suspension ropes, because based on, it showed how the longer the ropes are, the longer the hang time was. Which caused more air resistance. Gravity was pulling on the object all the time, while with the shorter ropes, the gravity was actually applying more force to the object.


Bibliography (Sources)




Our Design Sketch



“Read the procedures first before dropping!”


Data Collection Procedure


Person A: Charlott   Person B: Sophie

1) Clear the landing area of people

2) Set up the iPad – Person A

3) Connect the package to the hook machine over the balcony, vocally warn your teammates with a three second countdown

4) Press record to collect data on the Y velocity of the package along with where it will be landing.

5) After the box has landed and stopped moving, stop the video and trim out the bits you don’t need.

6) send to everybody the video/s.

7) Everyone in their group goes on to Logger Pro to analyze the videos but the results in the data table

8) analyze the videos but the results in the data table


Drops Independent Variable

(Length, Material, and number of ropes.)

Dependent Variable


Drop 1    
Drop 2    
Drop 3    





Blog Post 1

Ding Dong—–

“Help me get the package.”

Ding Dong—–


“Just do it.”



My package arrived late in the morning, snowflakes covering the top. The drone was supposed to deliver it in 10 minutes. But thanks to the weather, my breakfast was now cold. Oh yeah, I forgot. I was supposed to tell you that this isn’t the past now. It’s the future. Drones are here, couriers are gone.


A drone is a type of machine that helps you deliver packages in less than 10 minutes. People tend to use these drones as a really convenient express delivery, making an accurate, and efficient drop. Proving that it’s an environmental protection to the earth and to the wildlife.


“Have you ever wondered how the length and the material of the suspension ropes affect the parachute?”


“I guess?”

“Here’s why!”


The length of the suspension ropes really does affect the speed and the accuracy of the parachute. Based on a website named “Pbs” it explained that if the suspension ropes are longer, which makes the canopy to inflate fully. Also creating more drag and adds on the weight, making more stability when it lands. The shorter suspension ropes are actually the exact opposite of the longer suspension ropes, which makes a claim that the longer suspension ropes are better than the shorter ones. The aim of this study is to have a better understanding of how the suspension rope’s length affects the parachute from landing.



“Come and check my package!”


Two forces pull together and makes Collision. Making a “Thump” sound. A package dropped on the ground. Based on drop zero, it showed how a package falls making velocity on its way down. Also pulling force, the package ends up by hitting the ground which makes Collison.


Our plan is to have a simulation based on how a drone drops its package at a 6-meter height making sure the accuracy, the speed and the stability of the drop.  Determining if it’s a soft landing and the package’s condition is all good.


We are planning to drop cooking ingredients. Which meant that we are delivering eggs, flour, and butter. We chose these series of items because it’s going to be more convenient for the people who want to cook at home but don’t have the ingredients.


We also did a data table to show what happened to the package by testing it three times.



“Hey, it’s good.”

“I know right!”

“Hey, you want to look at my claim?”

“Why not!”


The package fell down making a “thump” sound. Based on our data table it showed how two items hits and makes Collison. Causing the things in the package to break down. According to the Drop zero investigation, the average amount of time a general package drops is 4.41m/s. Based on drop zero, I think that the best length and the best material for the suspension ropes are 30cm and nylon.  Since we are focusing on the length and the materials of the suspension ropes for the parachute.


Based on a website named it proved that Nylon, a material used on ropes, is stronger than any other material. Even stronger than Polyester, a really common type of material used in making suspension ropes. Nylon is also resistant to oil, abrasion, and the damage to most chemicals.




“Read more to find out what happens next!’’

“Here you go.”

“Now continue reading.”



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