DQ2 Driving Question

Before Project Self, I used to think that having fun and socializing is really a distraction and also making you bad for your school report/your test scores. Now I think that you can have fun when you learn also, on the other hand, have good test scores. This makes you having fun while learning at the same time!

Looking back on Project Self, I realize that it’s not difficult to make a good choice, but the real difficulty is really how you choose and make a good choice yourself, and how you control it.

It’s difficult and easy because you can make a good choice right away or you can just make a bad choice. For example: Sitting next to your friends that distract you a lot.



🕯Becoming an Independent Learner🕯

Based on my paper, I really noticed that I wasn’t really good at communicating with other people that I don’t know really well. I really want to improve on how I react and reply to others also making sure that I collaborate in my group as well.

For example, I only work with people I know and not try to collaborate with new people. Except for when my teacher split me and my friends apart. That doesn’t help me much. This means that I got to talk lesser and just be quiet and get out of the group, making me not focus on what we’re doing.

On the other hand, what I’m doing well is that I’m a good researcher and finds useful notes to jot down. For example, I only gather notes that are recently updated and is really credible, making sure that it is reliable to use it.

Here are some of my note-taking⬇️