A problem I had with my artwork is that when you paint over the background you can barely see the thing I draw but instead see the background. So then I covered lots of layers on top of the paint. Sometimes I keep covering up what I draw so I need to try not to change what I was drawing but instead ask the teacher instead. Right now I changed my thinking into putting jellyfishes on my artwork, and that “worked well”.

This artwork is actually not what I was hoping it to be. My first idea is actually drawing corals and sea life under the water, but then I messed up because the paint can’t cover my background color. So, I decided to change my idea into drawing the jellyfish.

Unit 2 Express🌐

I want to express how the artist “Yayoi Kusama” did and expressed the dots on her artwork. My idea is to draw a squid’s tentacle and draw small circles for the suckers on the squid. (the thing on  the tentacles). I want to draw it on canvas and use acrylic for the paint. The background is probably going to be on a deck and also having a beautiful  sea view.

Understand the Art World

I chose Marty Cooper because of his artwork and inspiration and his artistic ideas and also because his artwork is really fun and also he made it move and made it into a stop-motion video. It’s also because I like that the way the artist draw and how it’s funny and interesting. This is why I chose this artist ( Marty Cooper ) and yeah.