Blog Post 2: Develop and Plan

My hopes for this project are:

  1. The viewers will enjoy and be entertained by the video that I create.
  2. Hoping that my video coordination skills will improve as a result of creating this video of Identity V.

Some challenges I identified are:

  1. Coordinating the characters movements along with the music I chose. (Fake)
  2. The time that it will take to get the coordination just right and up to my standards.

Blog Post 3: Create and Improve

3 Goals For Today:

1. Write Blog Post 3

2. Start working on my video

3. Finish recording the sources in the game.

A challenge I had is when I need to make it really precise with the music and the vid. Which means that I have to make it really coordinated, and that makes the video a lot better. So I spend a lot of time making my video.
A Aha moment I had is that I finally know how I can make it just as right with the music, so making it coordinated.
A pic of what it might look like:
A goal for tmr:
-Get all the materials I need and start doing my video.

Blog Post 1

IMG_6825 (Click on the Link) Ps. This is my inspiration. (Song 1) (Song 2) (Song 3)

I found three songs that would fit the video I’m making. After listening through a couple of times, I found that the first music worked best for my vid. Since I’m doing trying to make the video and the music fit together really perfectly to achieve this accuracy goal and sound goal.