Should Boxers Deserve A Bad Reputation?

Should Boxers Deserve A Bad Reputation?


A group of Chinese people formed a Rebellion that tries to defend China being controlled and they sought to end all foreign influence in the country so that it could be stable again. But the “Boxer Rebellion” should actually deserve a bad reputation.


Evidence #1: The Shanxi Province

The boxers tried to force all the Christian foreigners who was sought to change people’s belief, and so the Boxer’s gathered them in one place and just killed all of the people because they “betrayed” them into changing people’s belief in their country.

Evidence #2: The Opium War

The Boxers tried to force the Chinese government to let them sell and buy goods . That is for British Merchants that wants to sell opium which made China weakened because of this drug.


In this opinion, my idea is that the ‘Boxers” shouldn’t treat the Christian foreigners that bad, and since they did the wrong thing, they should try to make a law about how the foreigners can’t influence people in China for the beliefs, so that there shouldn’t be the opium war and the Christian foriegners wouldn’t be killed after.