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The Great Proletarian Chinese Culture Revolution

Intro to my Character: 王霸霸 (Frank) is currently a Red Guard that is only 17 years old. He follows Mao’s thoughts and decisions until a twist happens, as the Gang of Four rose to power for a potential overthrow of Mao, Frank experiences a series of struggles, will he make it? Will Mao be successful? Will the Gang take over? Find out in the Journal!

Change and Continuity:

Changed: People’s belief, more people now believe in Maoism since 16-18 million people were re-educated. Education, there was almost 0 education in the revolution, teachers were thrown off the roof by their own students.

Stayed the same: The way people lived, there was still a lack of food and agriculture&econonmy in some places in China. The CCP stilled remained the same.

The Great REVOLUTION of the Chinese!, well presented by Imovie ft. Jordan





Chinese Revolution Overview: The great proletarian cultural revolution;1945-1952, was a period of chaos, with the activity of red guards and the movement to revitalize the principle revolutionary values of the Communist Party in the mid-1960s. Mao’s widespread Maoism influenced many people, many had died and suffered. It was a period of darkness, teachers were being thrown off buildings, no study took place at all. Even so, Mao still saved China and changed it into the great society we live in today.

Unbroken-Olympian to Captive

UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand

Theme: The main theme of this book is Louie’s resilience and positive mindset towards hope and survival. As they were stranded on the raft,  Louies kept encouraging his crewmates that they will survive, ignoring all the negative comments, he still kept his mindset towards hope. During concentration camp, no matter how much pain and suffering Louie experienced, he all made it through with his resilience. And yes, he did it, he made it all the way back home reunited with his family.

Why the book is GREAT: The author uses precise and realistic ways to express the book, to an extent where you can almost feel what is happening. The book has many thrillers and climaxes, filled with hundreds of real history photos to make the best out of it.

During this unit, I learned that reading a book takes patience and time, even though the fun and juicy part doesn’t come out at the start, doesn’t mean this book is unworthy to read about. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to get to know the book.


Were the Boxers great?

People Magazine-Lysander

Extra Informations:AMSD Lysander



Renaissance Humanism posta

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Never underestimate time


“A sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury

Humanities Summative Writing:

Steven 8-8


Never underestimate time


Have you ever wondered that a small change can lead to a big effect, a ripple effect that blasts through generation, changing everything and even wiping out humanity? The story “A Sound of Thunder” mainly talked in a futuristic time where a famous company; “Time Safaris” offered people to hunt dinosaurs by sending them back in time. One time, the protagonist Eckles went back in time 60 million years ago to hunt down a T-rex, however, he unintentionally stepped on a butterfly and killed it. This minor problem eventually leads to a major and humongous impact in the future. In the story, “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury, the author believes that even the smallest action usually has a significant impact on how the future will unfold.


To start with, Travis (the team leader) constantly reminded Eckels not to step off the path, and never touch or change anything, as he states:” We don’t want to change the Future. We don’t belong here in the past. Even more, he stated:” say we accidentally kill one mouse here, that means all the future families of this one particular mouse are destroyed. With a stamp of your foot, you annihilate first one, then a dozen, then a thousand, a million, a billion possible mice!” As Travis had said, we never want to change the past as it will change the future. Even as if it’s the smallest change like killing one mouse, it can lead to a whole generation wipe of this particular species of mouse and effecting all other organisms that co-live (live around) with this mouse. One little change may seem inconsequential at first sight; however, it makes a huge impact throughout time and in the future.

Further on in the story, when Eckles returned back to the future, things go wrong. Inline 443 of the text, when Eckels returned to the future, he noticed many different things, the majority of things had changed. For example, the sign of the Company had changed into a completely whole different language, even the presidential election had changed person. Furthermore, on line 451, the text stated:” It fell to the floor, an exquisite thing, a small thing that could upset balances and knock down a line of small dominoes and then big dominoes and then gigantic dominoes, all down the years across Time.” Eckels, who thought accidentally killing a butterfly 60 million years ago could have barley done any impact on the world, was stunned and frightened of the outcomes of what really happened. Only by killing one butterfly, it caused a time ripple effect that changed everything through time. Millions of generations after had vanished, many other species have gone extinct as a result as well. Just by one tiny action, will significantly change the future.

To sum it up, the book author Ray Bradbury has taught us to never change time in the past and to never underestimate it. Even as the smallest possible action could result in a gigantic change, result in the extinction of humanity and other species.


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Kindness Found Poem

In the story “Thank you m’am” by Langston Hughes, the protagonist Roger experiences multiple internal conflicts. To name a few, in paragraph 32, the text said:” The door was open. He could make a dash for it down the hall.” Roger was confused about whether to run away or to stay with the courteous woman. He was frozen and confused at that moment and couldn’t make a decision. Another example, at paragraph 36, the woman left her purse on the daybed and had no eyesight on the boy, however, the boy was confused again on whether to steal the purse or don’t steal reflecting on the kindness he just received from the woman. The conflict the boy is experiencing is internal as we can see that he struggles to make decisions upon stealing the purse or not to multiple times. I included a heart that mainly represents the internal conflict in the character Roger and also at the same time represents the magnificent kindness offered by the woman; Ms. Washington. I copied and pasted my poem onto the picture and also did some minor color adjustments. The picture I used(credits)

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Humanities Infographic: Black Death VS SARS



Legacies of ancient Rome and China

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