Revolutions: Are They Worth It? (French)

This video about the French revolution shows whether or not these kinds of changes were worth it or not. From concluding the major turning points in the timeline of the outbreak. We can determine the pros and cons of the revolution. After a brief talk, our team believes that the French revolution was not worth it for its loss. For example, the king lost his crown, the nobility lost their privileges, and the peasants lost so many lives but still lived in a monarchy system by the end of their rebellion.
From this unit, we can also assume that the revolution all have similar patterns after comparing the French and the Russian. First, they all started with a reign of an unfavored monarch. Then, they all have a social class system that divides the rich and the poor. Also, they all end terribly with another person as a monarch or emperor. In a word, when we end the reign of a dictator, a new force will come and take over their spot.

“Quiet Power”, the power of introverts [REVIEW]

“Quiet Power” by Susan Cain explains the concept of being an introvert or extrovert. In the book, multiple examples of young students or great people have been used to show the benefits and a few disadvantages of being Quiet. One of the themes of the book is that people need to make friends with all kinds of people, not just people that are like themselves.

1) The author’s husband, Ken, is an extrovert, while the author is an introvert. “My husband and I use a Mexican expression to describe this: “juntos somos más,” which means together we are better.”

2)Later in the book, an experiment done by a psychologist reconfirms that extroverts and introverts make better friendships. In the experiment, people are assigned to call someone through the telephone. When an extrovert calls another extrovert, the topic tends to be deep and serious. However, when an introvert calls another introvert, the conversation becomes too light. But when an extrovert talks with an introvert, the conversation becomes interesting. Also, people liked the extrovert-introvert talk better. This book is to show the positive sides of introverts and give them some tips. While this theme is useful in life, I would say making some friends that are similar to your interest is important too, because people might have a different opinion over things but a friend like yourself would understand your point. A part of the book shown that extroverts did not understand the concept of introverts, therefore forced the introvert to be just like themselves. 

I would suggest this book to introverts and as well as extroverts. First, because everyone could understand introverts. Also, it would encourage introverts to do what they are good at.


The Boxers are ACTUALLY righteous and harmonious??!!

From my point of view, I think the Boxers, a group of civilians training in martial arts that executed foreigners in china, shouldn’t have deserved such a critical reputation. They only rebelled and killed the foreigners because they believed it was the right thing to do. According to “China’s Boxer Rebellion” By Kallie Szczepanski, the group assumed that the Christians were a threat to themselves as well as their belief, “Those villagers who had converted to Christianity, however, refused to participate in the rituals. Their neighbors suspected that this was the reason the gods disregarded their pleas for rain. “(Szczepanski) Also the historian, Jeremiah, stated that,” The Germans killed two innocent men outside the legation quarters, so the Boxers started killing some of their guys too.”(Jeremiah) These pieces of evidence show that many of the Boxers are just trying to defend their area like the Malisha, people who defend their village against the bandits. The counter-attack towards the Germans is a form of self-defense, or just as the Babylon king said” An eye for an eye.” They were also very furious about the opium wars, two wars between the imperial powers and China in the middle east, so, the fact that they wanted revenge was normal. Similar to the riots and protests occurring in the USA, the people of China simply want the group of Christians to leave their realm for their safety, whether the disasters happening is the foreigners to blame. In a word, the Boxers should not have deserved the notoriety by just trying to save themselves.

Lightbox Reflection – Takumi

Ever desired to go somewhere personal to you in 2020? This year, most people cannot travel to places they love or special to them. So, in the first design unit, we made Lightboxes. Essentially, it is a small box that has layers of wood and LEDs to form a 3D photo of the place you love. For my own, I made a beach in my dad’s home town, Shizuoka. Our family would wake up early to see the first sunrise of the year. However, it will be difficult to do so as it is impossible to travel.

In this project, my biggest success is the size and print of wooden layers. The size of the layers is substantial since it needs to fit into the box without flaw. Even a millimeter could make catastrophic results to our lightbox. When I was making the boxes, I made sure that the layers would fit the box multiple times. So after it was printed, the layers fitted flawlessly. (Even if the layers were slightly simple, I still love it!)

Skills I learned from the making of the lightbox includes how to use Adobe illustrator. The app is completely new to me and I learned skills such as combining shapes, drawing shapes, etc. I also discovered how the laser cutter works, and the IQ of the machine (It’s smart but in a dumb way).

A piece of advice I would give is to be patient and focus. For almost anything you do, these two ideas are the way to success, including design. When forming the layers, don’t rush it! It could result in a redo since it might not fit, or the effects aren’t what you wanted, and all kinds of accidence could be made. Also, you must be focused, without doing so you would be left behind or slow-paced. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the process and have heaps of fun! 🙂

Overall, I would say my lightbox is an absolute success and I really enjoyed this unit. The laser-cutting was awesome and it smelled just like a campfire. Layers and the box fit in perfectly; Paintings were acceptable and fun to do; The LEDs gave it an amazing effect, just like a sunrise. This unit was very enjoyable and I am super excited about the next unit and its project.


—Takumi Kamiya


A CER of Thunder

” A Time machine is a finicky business.” (Bradbury 2).

In the story, a man named Eckels decided to go back in time to hunt a T-rex for fun. However, he must be very cautious and must not affect the future during the process. Still, when he panicked while killing the dinosaur, he stepped on a butterfly and changed history.

In the paragraph, A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, the author believes that failure is often developed by small, mistaken actions. The guide of the Safari hunt, Mr. Travis frequently warns the consequence of changing the past to Eckels and states that “say we accidentally kill one mouse here. That means all the future families of this one particular mouse are destroyed, right? …, with a stamp of your foot, you annihilate first one, then a dozen, then a thousand, a million, a billion possible mice!” (Bradbury 5) This dialogue explains how a small thing in the past can destroy the future. And the example supports the theme because killing a mouse, such a tiny thing, can work like earthquakes shaking harder when further. As the text continues, the text shows the change in the world after they come back. “Somehow, the sign had changed:

Tyme Sefari

Sefaris tu any yeer en the past.

Yu naim the animall. Wee taekyuthair.

Yu shoot itt.

Eckels felt himself fall into a chair. He fumbled crazily at the thick slime on his boots. He held up a clod of dirt, trembling, “No, it can’t be. Not a little thing like that. No!” “(Bradbury 15) The author shows how stunned Eckels was when he saw the difference from before. It further confirms the author’s claim by showing how something small leads to defeat. It even directly writes down “Not a little thing like that” in the dialogue as a motif to lead the readers to the theme. Highlighted version: A Sound of Thunder CER Takumi Kamiya 8-3

External and Internal Conflict in Fish Cheeks

(Fish cheeks by Amy Tan)

The conflict in this poem is both internal and external. In the first part of the story, the narrator showed the thought of Amy about Chinese food, it wasn’t very positive. Then, we can infer the humiliation she was going through during the actual dinner, her family’s manners are strange towards the minister and his son. Then the conversation after the dinner had an internal conflict, it made her appreciate the lesson of the dinner and the purpose of it too.

In my poem, I showed the humiliation and shame Amy was going through by the first sentence, ” Dinner threw me deeper into despair.” Then, using words in the paragraph, I showed what her crush was expressing and the cultural difference her father was showing and making Amy humiliated (external conflict). After that using the conversation between Amy and her mom and the part after to show the internal conflict between Amy herself.

My artwork us about two tropical fish( indicating the Americans) and the rock cod ( indicating the Chinese), the big difference on the outside, and inside.

Rudeness is a weak person's imitation of strength

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