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For this circuits formative, I chose the Legendary Proficiency mark of the game King of Glory. I chose this design because 王者荣耀 (King of Glory) is a game I really enjoy playing, the 传说熟练度标 (Legendary Proficiency Mark) is an important symbol in the game and it just looks really cool to me. The other two designs I made was a mark of the character 兰陵王(Warrior LanLing)’s, which is also from the game 王者荣耀, second ability: 秘技·影蚀(Secret Skill·Shadow Eclipse), and a Minecraft character. I figured that I was up for a challenge and I realized that the 传说熟练度标 would be the hardest to sew, which is why I chose that one.

The thing I was most proud about this project is the design itself, it took a lot of time to plan out and prototype all the pieces to make it look good. Thankfully, it paid off and I was really happy with my final design.

This project helped and made me learn a lot of new things, for example, sewing itself. I have actually never sewn before, and in this project I learned not only how to sew with normal thread, but also with conductive thread, which I found was really fun to do.

As I said earlier, this project was pretty challenging for me. For example, I had to cut out fabric pieces, which was easy for some but wasn’t so easy for other pieces, and I also had to sew some pieces on the back, without the thread showing on the front. Those are just some of the challenges of this project, but working with and around the challenges was fun, and every time I overcame a challenge, I get a satisfying feeling of success.

A tip and reminder I would like to give to whoever will be doing this project is to sew the battery holder and the LED light on before sewing the actual design. I say this because it would be easier to hide the thread and LED since you can simply hide it behind the fabric pieces, instead of burying it in the back fabric piece.

Adding on to this project, I would really like to learn how to add sensors to control the LED, as I think that using the switch on the battery holder is probably the simplest and most easy way. I would also like to learn how I can add more than one LED, making the project way more interesting that it is right now with only one LED.



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The Deathly Revolution

I am a nurse, a third estate citizen of Paris, a friend to many, a loyal follower of the king, a hater of the taxes we have to pay. I am what I am. My name is Absolon, I lived through what is called the French Revolution, and I welcome you to read my journal that I wrote about myself as I lived through it.

Many things have changed during the revolution. For example, it ended the Ancien Régime, meaning there were no more three estates, also meaning there were no more unequal tax charge, and just like the Russian revolution, it took power from the churches. But while some things have changed, some have still stayed the same. Even though the revolution changed France from monarchy to dictatorship, it was still absolute, supreme power.

Guillotine Kills All.


Here is my video for French Revolution

“Unbroken”, Should You Read It?

The book by Laura Hillenbrand, “Unbroken”, is a book that proves the fact that humans are capable of surviving through and adapting to almost everything, no matter if it’s physical or mental. The book tells us about the life of an olympic runner, Louie Zamperini. A theme of the book is that us humans can survive pretty much everything, Louie goes through privations, got through more than 2 years in 3 different POW (Prisoners of War) camps, and much more.

Some reasons why the person that is reading this post, whoever you are, should read this book is because this book can be very inspirational, as it encourages you to keep pushing on, no matter what you are facing. If Louie can go through what he did, how is whatever you are facing that is stopping you from doing whatever you need or want to do, how is what are facing compared to what Louie faced anything at all. This book really inspired me to push through whatever challenges that I am facing now. Another reason why you should read this book is that Unbroken stimulates our thinking in many ways. While it is very adventurous, Louis doesn’t give up even after encountering all the problems that occur throughout his lifetime, and he doesn’t hesitate to help others after recovering from his emotional downfall. The events also guide the storyline of the book and encourages the reader to think in each chapter. Something I like the about this book is that the author — Hillenbrand, got information through many different people, including interviews with Louie’s friends, neighbors, family, and historical research from other sources.

A thing I learned from this unit is that you can look outside of the non-fiction book, for example, the internet, to learn more about the people, ideas, and events that you did not understand or the book didn’t include.

Lightbox Reflection

In product design, we have been working on our lightboxes. What we are making is a landscape or place where we miss, or want to go but cannot because of Covid. For my lightbox, I picked Hong Kong since I was born there and we visit it almost every summer.

I learned many things while working on this lightbox, some had to do with adobe illustrator, and the others was on making and designing stuff. For example, some skills I learned about illustrator would be how to group shapes together, how to fill shapes, and how to outline shapes. Other things I learned are how to use hot glue more efficiently, wood gluing, and also a bit on acrylic paint.

There would be a few things I would change if I could go back and redo this challenge. First of all, I would make the trees a little bit thicker or a bit bigger so that it looks more natural and it would also be less easy to break, since one of them just simply snapped in half. The final thing is not something that would change in the final product but it is something I would like to change on the process of me making this lightbox; I should have put less wood glue and not press as hard when gluing the box together as that caused the layers to not fit.

Drama Project

Link to Dragons Tube:


The Power of People Around You

Many people do things that they wouldn’t normally do themselves, why? That would be because of the people around us, our actions may be because of what others around us is doing. What others around us does may inspire us to do it as well, even when we wouldn’t normally do it ourselves. The short story “The Little Girl Who Would Not Work” is about a little girl who loves to play all day and is unwilling to work. At the start of the story, the little girl’s mother told her to do some work, but again, she was unwilling to do work. But the she meets different animals that work, which made the little girl want to work as well. The theme of this short story is what others around you do can inspire you to do it as well, even when you would not normally do it.


In the story “The Little Girl Who Would Not Work” by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, the author believes that what others around you do, often inspires you to do it too, even when you wouldn’t do it normally. When the little girl’s mother told her daughter to do some work, she didn’t like the idea of doing work, and would rather go into the woods and play: “But the little girl said, ‘Oh, mother, I do not like to work. Please let me go to the woods and play just a little while before I do my tasks’” (Bailey 1). Work was something the little girl was not willing to do, at least not by herself, without knowing the fact work was almost everything that is around her and in the woods is doing. As the quote shows, she is does not like and is unwilling to do work, even when her mother told her to.

Further along in the story, after the little girl met many different species of animals, and realized that the all do work, she slowly realizes that work is something she has to do, and also something almost everything is doing. When the little girl finally decided to go back home, she said to her mother, “‘Mother, the Squirrels and the Bees… all work. I am the only Idle one. I want some work to do’” (Bailey 2). After the little girl met many different species of animals and realized they all do work, she got inspired to do work, and was not reluctant and unwilling at all anymore. This short story shows the power of the people around you and how they can inspire you to do the things they are doing, and this power becomes more powerful the more people are doing the same thing, whether the thing all these people around you is doing is “good” or “bad”, the things and people around you can inspire you to do many things that you would not normally choose to do.

Finding Conflict While Stealing a Purse

My Found Poem is from the short story “Thank you M’am” by the author Langston Hughes. The external conflict of this story is man vs. man of the protagonist; Roger vs. the antagonist; Mrs. Jones. The first conflict of the story was when Roger tried to steal Mrs. Jones purse. My found poem showed how the external conflict happened and the woman’s response to Roger trying to steal her purse.

Mythbust Prototype

For the Mythbust Covid-19 Project, myself and Jiwon are planning to make a video and post it on YouTube. The name for our channel is called the Mythbusters—not the best name ever, I know.  We are planning to clearing up some misunderstanding about the new coronavirus (Covid-19) though the format of a video. I don’t have a picture of my prototype yet, but will update this post with a picture as soon as I get one.

Some questions I have about this project is:

  • How many sources can we exactly have, I know we’re supposed to have 3, but more can be helpful.
  • If we are making a video, do we have to say things? We can animate the character and make it talk with speach bubbles.

Ways to engage audience:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A way we plan to make sure the audience doesn’t get bored reading/listening is to add some jokes into the video to keep them entertained as they’re learning things about Covid-19. We also think that we shouldn’t make our speaches too long so that they don’t go like “How long is this speach bubble, is this supposed to be a article, let me just stop reading just because my eyes hurt are going to if I don’t”

This is basicly what we are thinking to do, but of course, we might change something throughout the project but this is our plan.

Ignite Reflection

For my ignite week, I choose programming as my topic, at first, I was thinking about c++ but at last I choose java. You can click here to get a video of my final product, which is a simple game where you control a turtle to eat lettuce and bugs while avoiding lobsters. Looking back on this project, I learned a lot, for example, I learned how to make a score counter out of java, and I also learned some basic of java itself. My biggest fail was how I couldn’t get the score counter to work the way I wanted it to, this was due to a class not being able to connect with the score counter itself. One thing I was proud of is also the score counter, since it was also my biggest fail, pulling through made me proud that I did it. Below is about how to get the game on your device.








If you want to play the game itself, simply paste the following text into terminal and hit enter, it might take a moment to load so be patient.

Paste this into terminal to play: “/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/JDK/Home/bin/java” -cp “/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib/javafx.base.jar:/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib/javafx.controls.jar:/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib/javafx.fxml.jar:/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib/javafx.graphics.jar:/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib/javafx.media.jar:/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib/javafx.properties.jar:/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib/javafx.swing.jar:/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib/javafx.web.jar:/Users/wanhin.liu/Desktop/trick-the-turtle.jar” –module-path “/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/Greenfoot.app/Contents/Resources/Java/javafx/lib” –add-modules=ALL-MODULE-PATH greenfoot.export.GreenfootScenarioApplication


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