For my ignite week, I choose programming as my topic, at first, I was thinking about c++ but at last I choose java. You can click here to get a video of my final product, which is a simple game where you control a turtle to eat lettuce and bugs while avoiding lobsters. Looking back on this project, I learned a lot, for example, I learned how to make a score counter out of java, and I also learned some basic of java itself. My biggest fail was how I couldn’t get the score counter to work the way I wanted it to, this was due to a class not being able to connect with the score counter itself. One thing I was proud of is also the score counter, since it was also my biggest fail, pulling through made me proud that I did it. Below is about how to get the game on your device.








If you want to play the game itself, simply paste the following text into terminal and hit enter, it might take a moment to load so be patient.

Paste this into terminal to play: “/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/” -cp “/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/” –module-path “/private/var/folders/yq/d4nf1g294yq5zw3fx9hnr_59txmknr/T/AppTranslocation/5634CADC-61CB-41EF-8657-A3582D2B91E7/d/” –add-modules=ALL-MODULE-PATH greenfoot.export.GreenfootScenarioApplication