For the Mythbust Covid-19 Project, myself and Jiwon are planning to make a video and post it on YouTube. The name for our channel is called the Mythbusters—not the best name ever, I know.  We are planning to clearing up some misunderstanding about the new coronavirus (Covid-19) though the format of a video. I don’t have a picture of my prototype yet, but will update this post with a picture as soon as I get one.

Some questions I have about this project is:

  • How many sources can we exactly have, I know we’re supposed to have 3, but more can be helpful.
  • If we are making a video, do we have to say things? We can animate the character and make it talk with speach bubbles.

Ways to engage audience:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A way we plan to make sure the audience doesn’t get bored reading/listening is to add some jokes into the video to keep them entertained as they’re learning things about Covid-19. We also think that we shouldn’t make our speaches too long so that they don’t go like “How long is this speach bubble, is this supposed to be a article, let me just stop reading just because my eyes hurt are going to if I don’t”

This is basicly what we are thinking to do, but of course, we might change something throughout the project but this is our plan.