In product design, we have been working on our lightboxes. What we are making is a landscape or place where we miss, or want to go but cannot because of Covid. For my lightbox, I picked Hong Kong since I was born there and we visit it almost every summer.

I learned many things while working on this lightbox, some had to do with adobe illustrator, and the others was on making and designing stuff. For example, some skills I learned about illustrator would be how to group shapes together, how to fill shapes, and how to outline shapes. Other things I learned are how to use hot glue more efficiently, wood gluing, and also a bit on acrylic paint.

There would be a few things I would change if I could go back and redo this challenge. First of all, I would make the trees a little bit thicker or a bit bigger so that it looks more natural and it would also be less easy to break, since one of them just simply snapped in half. The final thing is not something that would change in the final product but it is something I would like to change on the process of me making this lightbox; I should have put less wood glue and not press as hard when gluing the box together as that caused the layers to not fit.