The book by Laura Hillenbrand, “Unbroken”, is a book that proves the fact that humans are capable of surviving through and adapting to almost everything, no matter if it’s physical or mental. The book tells us about the life of an olympic runner, Louie Zamperini. A theme of the book is that us humans can survive pretty much everything, Louie goes through privations, got through more than 2 years in 3 different POW (Prisoners of War) camps, and much more.

Some reasons why the person that is reading this post, whoever you are, should read this book is because this book can be very inspirational, as it encourages you to keep pushing on, no matter what you are facing. If Louie can go through what he did, how is whatever you are facing that is stopping you from doing whatever you need or want to do, how is what are facing compared to what Louie faced anything at all. This book really inspired me to push through whatever challenges that I am facing now. Another reason why you should read this book is that Unbroken stimulates our thinking in many ways. While it is very adventurous, Louis doesn’t give up even after encountering all the problems that occur throughout his lifetime, and he doesn’t hesitate to help others after recovering from his emotional downfall. The events also guide the storyline of the book and encourages the reader to think in each chapter. Something I like the about this book is that the author — Hillenbrand, got information through many different people, including interviews with Louie’s friends, neighbors, family, and historical research from other sources.

A thing I learned from this unit is that you can look outside of the non-fiction book, for example, the internet, to learn more about the people, ideas, and events that you did not understand or the book didn’t include.