This unit in science, we did the “save the penguin” project. This project is about designing a thing that can prevent heat loss. To test the project, every group will measure the mass of an ice cube, and put it in there design, after that, all the groups will put their design under a heat lamp, and wait. The group which lost the least mass, wins.

One thing I’m proud of when I did this project is when we thought of the simple idea where you just put wrappings around the whole ice cube, which worked, by the way. The idea is very simple, you just wrap mylar and stuff around it.

A new skill I learned in this project which I never used before is using the hot glue gun. At first, it was hard to handle the hot glue gun, but then, slowly, I began to know how to work the gun. This is a warning, never try to touch the hot glue, unless it’s dry, it really burns.

A hard thing about this project is how to put the whole thing together. For example, you glue the mylar together, five minutes later, it falls apart.

All in all, I really enjoyed this project.