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Stories of the Futures Driving Question

Before Stories of the Future I used to think we will solve our problems now easily, now I think that the problems we face today may not be so easily solved and might not even be solved at 2050. For example, we have a lot of plastic in landfills and the ocean, and I think that it might still be a problem in 2050 because a lot of people uses plenty of plastic in their lives and it wouldn’t be easy to get everyone to stop using so much things that has plastic packaging.

Stories of the Futures also helped me realize that I need to stop using so much plastic, as when I tracked the amount of plastic that I use every day, I finally realized that I need to use less. I want to stop buying drinks from the cafeteria because it uses a one-use plastic bottle.

Reflection on Driving Question

Looking back on Project Self, I learned that if I want to truly understand something, I have to really dig into it. For example, I can’t just research a little and just say that I know everything, because more questions will come up as I research, and only when I know the answer to all of my questions, I truly understand the thing I’m researching about. Project self also made me realize that I have to improve on justify with evidence since that I can make a claim but sometimes cannot justify my claim with evidence, and so when people ask me “why do you say that” sometimes I don’t have an answer, and thats why I have to improve on justifying with evidence.

I’m Hungry



Whenever I’m at school, I’m hungry, so get out of my way when I’m sprinting to lunch.

Correction, I’m always HUNGRY!

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