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French Revolution – Sway

In this journal, I have written three of the most pivotal events, including estates general, execution of Louis XVI, and the reign of terror. My character named Enzo the second and he is the son of one of the representatives from the third estate Enzo.

Our work is about the french revolution, and our aim is to teach people with the knowledge of the french revolution. Our group works extremely well as all of us did something of the drawings and speaking. For Arthur, he did the speaking part and joking part. While Kwan Ming did the speaking part.  For me, I did the drawing, editing, and so on.

Our revolution is French Revolution

The 57 bus: A true story of two teenagers

“ The 57 bus” is a book written by Dashka Slater that discussed social issues like sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, and poverty in Oakland during the event of 57 bus in 2013. The book explores the conflicts between LGBT people and normal people as an agender Sasha was burned by a black student Richard from Oakland High school on the 57 bus and events after the thing had happened. One theme from this book is that people (normal people) should not discriminate against others because of their (LGBT people)appearances or behaviors.
Many pieces of evidence support my claim. The first quote is on page 59, “One day at a bus stop, an older woman approached Sasha. ‘Why are you wearing a skirt?’ she demanded. ‘You are not a girl!’ ‘I’m wearing a skirt because I like wearing skirts’”(Slater 59). I think this quote has shown that many LGBT people had suffered from discrimination only because there are abnormal from others who had many stereotypes. Another quote is the main event of the whole book is on page 157. Richard’s reason to burn Sasha is because he is homophobic and thinks he’s doing too much beyond the line. From this part, We can see that Richard had many biases toward LGBT people as he thought that Sasha was going beyond too much as a boy wearing a skirt in public is intolerable. My last evidence is from Karl, Saha’s father. “But what they certainly can and could is that different people like different things. Different people dress or behave or look differently” (Slater 202). From this quote, we knew that there are many differences between different people and it is really important for people to respect others’ choices.
There are two most important reasons why you must read the 57 bus. First of all, it explores the ordinary life and sufferings of LGBT people as it continues to happen all over the world right now. Moreover, the book gave more details to the event that happened on 57 bus in 2013 as it includes many details such as the imprisonment, court, etc.
From this unit, I know the importance of talking to my groupmates because we could talk about ideas we didn’t think of before our conversation. Before I read the book, I always read by myself which is somewhat ineffective, but now I would talk to my groupmates to make my understanding much deeper.

Boxer rebellion

Do Boxers deserve a bad reputation?

Boxers do deserve a bad reputation in numerous aspects.

To start off, boxers have killed many Christian missionaries, Chinese Christians, and so on. For instance, they have killed German missionaries in Shandong only because they thought that Christian missionaries were reasons why their crop would never grow. Another similar event had happened in Shanxi was that they killed 44 missionaries and their family in a governor’s house. Furthermore, according to the 8-Nation Expeditionary army, boxers have caused chaos in the Beijing legation area. This was by siege around the international legation area for over 55 days and killing people in the international legation area. One of the examples is that they had burned the French Legation, forcing French and Austrians went to English Legation for sanctuary purpose. Lastly, boxers had cut and burned railways and telegraph lines between Beijing and Tianjin which had hidden Beijing’s situation from the outside world longer than 2 months.

From the first evidence in the paragraph above, it is evident that boxers are trying to blame all the bad things on the foreign missionaries and their beliefs as there is no connection between the weather and people on the land. For the second evidence, it is apparent that boxers deserve a bad rap as randomly killing Chinese Christians, missionaries and staff are not good because it is inhuman, and it also brings a much more depressing result as the 8-nation expeditionary army are attracted after the 55 days siege. Since that boxers break infrastructures between Beijing and Tianjin, it can be seen that boxers were always doing something behind, and it would never be a good thing to happen if battles between countries start.




Magazine cover task (Humanities)

This is my magazine cover for Lysander. I have used the magazine Entertainment Weekly because I think most of the magazines are entertainment and our character do actually related to it because it came from a play. The character I have chosen is Lysander which loves Hermia even though Egeus, who is the father of Hermia, wants her to marry Demetrius. And I have put thoughts which is the persuasion part and other’s opinion which is the dialogue from Hermia and Helena because I could not really find the part of appearance.

Some of the quotes I have chosen was from page 10; 11 – 12; and page 13

Jackson edition 2020 (8)

I have also put a pdf version on the bottom because the pdf could not appear on the blog without a link





Five elements of Humanism


Monkey’s Paw

Countless research has shown that when people try to change or interfere with their or others’ fate, they would usually fall into much deeper despair.  Mr. White wished for 200 pounds by using a monkey’s paw. It can help three people to achieve three wishes that would happen naturally. His son Hebert was killed by the machinery and get compensated by the factory and his wife desperately wanted Mr. White to revive their son as a wish but in the end, he killed his son by using his last wish.

In the story “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W. Jacobs, the author believes that despair is usually created when people try to interfere with the fate that has already been created.

“‘I – was asked to call,’ he began hesitantly. ‘I am from Maw and Meggings.’  The old lady looked surprised. ‘Is anything wrong?’ she asked breathlessly. ‘Has anything happened to Herbert? What is it?’ … ‘I’m sorry –’ ‘Is he hurt?’ demanded the mother wildly. The visitor looked down. ‘Badly hurt,’ He became trapped in the machinery,’ said the visitor in a low voice” (Jacob 3 & 4). From this quote, as Morris (the soldier) said, all things wished would happen naturally as coincidences. Mr. White got 200 pounds, but despair has been created as his son Hebert was killed by the machinery as they tried to get 200 pounds. Furthermore, the words ‘breathlessly’ ‘trapped in the machinery’ ‘low voice’ all show the element of despair. Later in the story, after hearing the tragedy of his son, they still faced countless despair which was brought by the monkey’s paw.  The soldier looked at him as if he were a foolish boy. ‘I have,’ he said quietly, and his red face whitened. ‘And did your three wishes really come true?’ asked Mrs. White. ‘Yes.’ ‘And has nobody else wished?’ the old lady went on. ‘The first man had his three wishes, yes. I don’t know what the first two wishes were but the third was for death. That’s how I got the paw.’ He spoke so seriously that everybody became quiet.” (Jacob 2). From this quote, we can see the despair for those who use monkey’s paw trying to switch their fate. This shows why Morris had talked about the monkey’s paw in a serious manner as the first person who had the monkey’s paw had suicide after his two wishes.












Blue suede shoes and Thank you ma’am

“A pair of blue suede shoes.”

There was a long pause. A very long pause.

Door open. He could make a dash

“I were young once and I wanted things I could not get.”

There was another long pause.


Pause. Silence.

Mrs. Joe got up and the woman did not watch the boy nor did she watch her purse. The boy took care to sit on the far side of the room. He did not want to be mistrusted again. (Found Poem) 

This is the “Thank you ma’am,” from Langston Hughes. This is an internal conflict because the whole story is having characters to have their conflicts inside. In this story, Ms.Joe was the protagonist as she was the main character and Roger should be the antagonist. For example, in paragraph 23, Roger looked at the door, looked at the woman, looked at the door, and went to the sink and this sentence shows his struggle inside his heart. For another example,  paragraph 33, Roger was thinking whether to run away as the door was open and he thought he could make a dash. For the last example which is in paragraph 36, where the description said the woman did not sit up, the door war far open and the woman left the purse on the day-bed. My poem using lots of the pause, silence to show their internal struggle. And I painted the poem in yellow which would be much easier to see. Also, I have added a suede shoe which is colorful as it is the main reason for the start of this story.





Bubonic Plague vs Spanish Flu



Legacies of Ancient China & Ancient Rome

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