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What Happened During the American Revolution

In this video we introduced  major events  in American Revolution, it explains what caused this event and what effects it made,  Our timeline started from The French and Indian battle, and ends on British signing the Treaty of Paris.  The process making this video is quite fun,  we used Powtoon, it’s  a new kind of experience. Doing this project seems like an review for the subject and at the main time introducing this to people who are interested in this subject.

Humanity book introduction –Unpunished Murder

Unpunished Murder by Lawerence Goldstone

Unpunished Murder, by Lawerence Goldstone. talked about how the modern United States federal government, and political had formed and operated, by combining informational and illustration text together.

Inequality could be overcome with  out standing courage, is one theme I think that matches this book.

Evidence from the book:

  1. “It would, then, take a man of exceptional commitment and courage, someone whose belief in equal justice for all was more important than public acceptance or even career advancement, to successfully pursue these killers.” (Goldstone 141) This paragraph described a lawyer called J.R. Beckwith who risked his life to bring the case against the Colfax killers.
  1. “Levi Nelson made a powerful witness, not simply for what he said, but also how he said it. A plain man, dressed in “Sunday best,” Nelson spoke softly, and was sometimes halting, but never seemed unsure of what he was saying. His memory of the events was vivid and when he was cross-examined by one of the [defendants’] lawyers, he never wavered at all from his story.” Which these coloured skin witness risked their life by doing this. Because during and after the civil war black men’s live were constantly threatened by white supremacist.

In my perspective I don’t recommend this book to readers who is not particular interested in politics and history. First of all this book is going to be confusing at the beginning if you don’t have enough basic knowledge on how the federal government work in United States. Another reminder for those who still decides to try this book is that the author a lot of the times skip from current events, to other events that may be associated with it or somehow connected. Which made feel quite confused when I was reading the book.

One thing that I learned in this reflection unit is how to identify informational and illustration text and what are the purpose of them.


Smell Detector Prototype

My prototype is based on a robot from Overwatch, I decided to add three main features on it a smell detector, camera lense and UV light.  How this thing work is when you initiate the drone it will automatically start detecting the smell near you. When the smell is located it will establish a route to the smell source the fastest. When the drone arrive at the source site, it will take a picture of it and start analyzing the scent. After it is done analyzing the data will display on the phone that is bluetooth connected.  Now the user can the smell in the data base.

Boxer Rebellion Thinglink

CER Paragraph:

The boxers deserve a bad reputation because the things they did were over-dramatic and unreasonable. First of all, the reason boxers practice martial arts in Shandong because they think it could bring them tranquillity and get possessed by spirits that would help them get rid of foreigners in China. According to supporting question 2.5, the boxers also believed in traditional Buddhists and Confucius’s beliefs. When the constant droughts kept happening in Shandong province, and the boxer’s thought the catholic churches were the reason for it, by poking a hole in the sky with its steeples. As a solution, they burned the catholic church. However, this is not the only architecture they destroyed. On July 13th, the boxers and the imperial troops desperately trying to get rid of foreigners stationed in the legations detonated a mine under French legation, and forcing them to settle in British compounds. Destroying structures lead to rebellion and small size skirmishes that eventually transformed into death occurring conflicts. A total of around 3,000 people were killed. The majority of casualties were civilians, including thousands of Chinese Christians and approximately 200 to 250 foreign nationals. As a result, the boxers viewed Christianity as a threat to traditional Buddhist and Confucian beliefs. Burning churches just because they thought naively the steeples were poking a hole in the sky. Protecting their religions by eliminating Western religious sources showed that the boxers were ethnocentric in some ways. Having a violent conflict with the foreigners did not help the boxers. Did the around 3,000 people they killed did good to them? No. they killed innocent civilians only for a matter of the fact that they dislike or hate foreigners. Even so, it did not give them a justified enough reason for them to kill people. Much less save the Chinese government from its current colonized condition.


  1. supporting question 2.5 second paragraph.

Light Box

In this unit, we created a lightbox featuring a landscape that is special to us. I chose a scene of the lincoln park in Seattle. It reminds me of nature. Since I took a lot of pictures of the beautiful landscape, I decide to make this as the prototype of my light box.

I learned new skills during the process of creating my lightbox. We used Adobe Illustrator to create the laser cutter file. During this process, I got more familiar with the tools and learned new techniques, such as Image Tracing, shape builder tool, and expanding. I also got a chance to practice my painting skills. Once the pieces have been cut out. I used acrylic paint to color the scenery pieces. Mixing colors and adjusting the stroke width.

There are a few things I would like to improve in my lightbox. First, I want to make leaves on the third layer more stable by making the branches thicker. Second I want to move the bush on the left on the fourth layer to the left to cover the LED route more and make the quality as a whole a lot greater.

MSND Magazine

This magazine is about Lysander’s character analyses, the character from Mid Summer’s Night’s Dream. So, I included three significant evidence about him that showed he is a very romantic and calculating man. And the reason that I put Han Solo on the magazine cover is that in their correspondence movie, they both desire a woman, they are very cautious they make clear plans for the future. So the personality traits of these two characters are mostly alike and identical.

Additional Links:

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Humanism Task

Miss Marple CER Paragraph

Truth is not what you always think. Miss Marple talks about how Miss Marple solves a murder case when she is not in the actual scene but only from the details his shrewd solicitor Mr. Petherick and his client Mr. Rhodes. Eventually, Miss Marple found out who murdered Mrs. Rhodes and deciphered the murderers method. Truth is not always what you think.  


In the story Miss Marple, by Agatha Christie, the author believes that truth sometimes is inconsistent with what you think. Dont think it is possible Mr. Rhodes broke in: Nobody could come in or go out through my room without my seeing them, and even if anyone did manage to come in through my wifes room with electrician seeing them, how the devil could they get out again leaving the door locked and bolted on inside?( Christie 5) It showed that Mr. Rhode is compromised in his thoughts and getting farther away from the truth that he thinks is impossible.


As the truth unfolds, Miss Marple kept implying to Mr. Petherick, and Mr. Rhodes that all the witnesses were tricked by the murderer and explained to them what happened [Mr. Rhodes] is engrossed in his work. But Mr. Petherick has interviewed the same women in a different capacity. He has looked at her as a person. (5) This explanation showed that the murderer used other peoples common sense to fool thesumselves.










Fish Cheeks Found Poem

“Fish Cheeks”

By: Amy Tan

The story talks about Amy, a Chinese American teenager, and she had a crush on the minister’s family’s son. When she knew her mother invited the minster’s family over for Christmas Eve dinner, Which horrifies Amy about what Robert’s family will think about the difference between their two cultures.

The conflict in this story is External ­– Man vs Society. Because in the information, Amy, who is the protagonist, is feeling desperate; about her mother inviting the minister’s family over to have dinner with them and her relatives. Amy doesn’t want Robert and his family to come with a lighted mood and go with a disappointment. Therefore, Amy and her family members formed a Character vs Society type of conflict. I added a few short phrases such as “dipping them,” “arrived in,” “I cried,” “clamor of doorbells” to make connections between longer terms; to emphasize the tone in the poem. Overall, the poem verifies the conflict in this story and leaves a possible ending. It is why I concluded it with the sentence from the story: “Your only shame is to have shame.”

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