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App (Geometria)

  1. I used to think that by creating a quiz app, you must have lots of screens and a screen for each question because I haven’t thought of using lists which reduces the number of screens. Now I think that in order to become a good coder, you must be lazy, to find a way you can do things much simpler like using lists to create a list of questions images and answers instead of having 26 screens and each screen for a question.


  1. Many people at ISB geometry because of how complex it is to solve things like volumes circle areas and many others, when I was in elementary school, even I was. In order to solve this problem, I have designed an app that is both relevant to what 6th graders are learning and what 7th graders are learning, from this app, students can learn many things starting from the simplest geometry, area of basic shapes, to area and volume of composite shapes, this app is great because people are at different levels, my app starts from simple questions to hard ones unlike others that only features formulas for people better at math, this app is for everyone.


  1. My app’s name is Geometria, Latin for Geometry. Geometria, has a front page, the very first question, in the textbox, it shows instructions that the format you write your answer in and others. After reading the instructions, they have to delete the instructions and write the answer in the textbox, the image is on the top, then is the question, then is the textbox where you answer your questions. On the right of the textbox, there are two buttons: the submit button and the next button, the submit button checks your answer. Next gets you to the next question.


  1. Geometria mainly uses lists. Because of the lack of time, I only have three lists, there is the global QuestionList, global PictureList and the global AnswerList, the QuestionList is lists of question I want to put in my app in order from up to down, PictureList are lists of picture and AnswerList is the list of answers. I programed, when the next button is clicked, then to the next list, and when submit button clicked, it checks the answer in the AnswerList with the answer in the textbox, when it is the same, it says “correct!”. When it is not the same, it says “wrong!”


    1. The strength of this app is that it gives the less skillful users an easy time on this app because the question goes from easy to hard. The weakness is that some of the more advanced learners may think this app is too easy and it is not fun. I wish in order to solve this problem, I should broaden the range of questions, I would wish to add surface areas, cylinders, spheres, cones, coordinate plane Check out this video!.App Using Tutorial

Banning single-use plastic

40% of the global plastic production came from China and that 27% of the mismanaged plastic also came from China. Furthermore, banning sing-use plastic is not an effective way to save our ocean because it disrupts the economy, it is cheap and convenient and other alternatives for plastic is not as productive as plastic. Plastic is a cheap, lightweight and convenient material that Canada and other European countries planned on banning by 2021.


Banning sing-use plastic disrupts the economy. According to Polymer Database, more than 2 million employees in the U.S will lose their jobs if plastic industries were shut down. In addition, 359 million metric-tons of plastic is being produced worldwide every year. Coca-Cola is the largest plastic-using company and it uses about 3 million-tons of plastic is. If we ban sing-use plastic, millions of businesses and companies that manufactures plastic will be bankrupts or worse collapse. Not only that but more than 2 million people will lose their jobs in the U.S. These things could lead to the money cycle moving slower which means the economy will be worse.


Single-use plastic is a cheap and convenient material. The productions speed is relatively fast compared to other materials that is being produced, which means the price is going to go down since the supply is really high and the demand is lower, plastic is cheap, and it is affordable to most of the people. In addition to being cheap, it is also quite easy to carry too, single-use plastic is strong and durable and very lightweight which has a drastic difference with metal. Therefore, single-use plastic is a cheap/affordable and convenient material to use.


Opponents may suggest acrylic and metal as another alternatives to replace single-use plastic. Acrylic is a lightweight material and a cheaper material than plastic. However, single-use plastic is more durable and much more productive than acrylic. Metal could be a good choice as well except the material is heavier and expensive, not as convenient. Convenience is one thing, but renewability is another. Metal is an unrenewable material because there is a limited amount of metal on earth according to Craft Chind. Consequently, other materials are not as good as single-use plastic.


Banning sing-use plastic is not an effective way to save our ocean because doing that disrupts the economy, it is cheap and convenient and that other alternatives like acrylic and metal are not good enough. Millions of businesses will collapse and thousands of people will lose their jobs if we ban single-use plastic.

What is the most difficult aspect of this project?

The most difficult part of this project is managing your time. You have to manage your time by organizing when or what you will do. For example, my group did not manage time well because we spent too much time making the exterior of the robot instead of focusing on the functionality.


What was the most enjoyable aspect of the project?

The most enjoyable part of the project is putting in the component and programming the robot. It is always fun to see your robot actually function and the fact that it actually functions gave us hope to finish the project.


What did you do well?

I think we did well on catching up on putting in the components. After we have found out that we only have a few days left, me and my partner started spending flex time and after school building the robot and that is the part that I felt I did well.


What should you do differently next time?

Next time, I should not start with something too big. The robot my group planned is very big (around 50 cm in length) and we found out that even if we are the first ones to work on the project, we still can’t be faster than people working on small projects which is considerably less harder to make or stabilize.


What did you learn about physically building a robot?

One of the most important things I have learned is a rule that can be applied to safety: to always close your knife we you are not using it; the reason is that people can get hurt. Another thing that I learned is to choose your materials wisely, we used masking tape to stick things together, but we should be using hot glue, so it saves us time and is much more stabled.


What did you learn about programming a robot?

I learned that programming a robot is quite easy, but it requires some logic for you to solve a certain program and how you want to adjust it. I also learned that first graders are more impressed about the colors of the animal like when my group made the eyes shine sea green, all the first grader came to us and complimented on how beautiful it is.


What would you like to learn about the building and/or programming the robots?

Someday, I would like to learn to python, java script or C++ which is a complex version of programming. That way, we can program much more impressive things than just large pieces of blocks. Learning these complex programming for me also means learning a new language which is what I desire to do.


What advice would you give to a student who is at the beginning of this unit?

I would suggest that you guys choose your materials wisely and plan out everything clearly and thoroughly so that way there won’t be any confusion during the process of making the robot. Another important advice is that you guys should focus more on the functionality and make it more creative so it could attract the first graders more.


Robotic petting zoo Pegasus


Percy Final

“Positive thinking will make it easier to manage your life, reduce stress, and also help you take care of yourself better”, says an article about effect of positive thinking. Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, one of the eldest gods, but also a typical middle schooler who cannot control his emotions and always think about his life negatively which causes him to feel depressed about his life. Percy can have a much more delighted life by managing and controlling his emotions and thinking positively at all times, he should always try to not release his anger and think about the bright side of life.


Percy should manage and control his emotions to have a better life. “‘I am going to kill her,’ I mumbled” Said Percy when Nancy Bobofit is throwing food at Grover who is Percy’s only friend. The way Percy said he wants to kill her shows how furious and outraged he is and how he is uncapable of controlling his emotions in this situation without Grover holding him back. “Your emotional responses don’t necessarily have much to do with the current situation, or to reason, but you overcome them with reason and by being aware of your reactions.” Says an article about managing emotions by SkillsYouNeed. suggests that you can control your emotions by being aware of your reactions or response or to apply a reason to an emotion you are expressing, for instance, you could ask yourself questions about possible courses of actions like: “How do I feel about the situation? What should I do about it?”. This could improve Percy’s ability to control emotions which could help in several different ways. Percy should always control his emotions because his loss of control could lead to serious problems in his life such as being suspended from his school and also some more serious problems like hurting other people. “Positive actions could help you manage emotions.” This suggests that always having a positive action instead of a negative action could help manage emotions as well. Constantly expressing positive emotions and action could help Percy develop a habit of reacting to things positively in which it could help him stay out of danger like hurting someone accidentally.


Percy can have a better life by thinking positively all the time. “And I was absolutely miserable,” said Percy isolated in his cabin and thinking negatively about how horrible and miserable his life is. “Constant negative thinking could lead to stress and can lead to more serious problems like depression.” Said an article about the non-beneficial facts about negative thinking, this explains the consequences Percy’s negative thinking about his life could lead to stress and depression. On the other hand, thinking positively is beneficial to Percy’s life. “Feeling positive emotions could help you identify more possibilities and options in your life and people who have positive thinking can deliver those options which could build new skills in life.” This suggests that Percy should stay positive all the time because it could help him build new skills and give him the ability to learn things faster which would help him achieve more at camp half-blood. “Positive thinking will make it easier to manage your life, reduce stress, and also help you take care of yourself better. And those things are important to help you recover from serious diseases.” This piece of evidence suggests that positive thinking can not only help you with curing stress and depression, but also such things like helping you to recover from diseases which is one of the factors that improves Percy’s physical health. By thinking positively, Percy could develop skills, learn faster and help with recovering from diseases which could help him become more successful and mentally and physically healthier.


Even as the son of Poseidon, such problems in daily life still bothers and effects Percy. In order to become much more delighted about his life, he must manage, and control is emotions in order to not hurt anyone on accident and can have more positive effects on his life, and also thinking positively all the time which can help with his mental and physical health and can make him become more successful . Such factors could help him in life because of its effects to Percy’s life. These advices can help not only Percy, a demigod himself, but also other normal people as well.



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Advice for Percy

Percy should study more in his boarding school to get better grades. When Percy is talking about all his teachers at the boarding school, he said to himself desperately, “My grades slipped from Ds to Fs.” This shows how bad Percy’s grades. The reason to start studying is because studying could improve someone’s studying skills and learning ability. That way, he will have a skill that can help him become successful when he goes to camp half-blood.

5 vocabulary 3


To add up or to collect

I have accumulated years of minerals consisting of sapphire and aqua marines.


Something that’s very difficult or exhausting.

I had an arduous practice at the basketball  training today.


Something uncertain or indefinite

The true secret of the universe is vague.


Have a double meaning.

The word “current” is ambiguous, it means right now or a flow of electrical charge.


Out of a country.

I am studying abroad for 4 years at Stanford University.

5 vocabulary 2


Chiron paused, as if the question intrigued him.

His potential to manipulate his power intrigued me.


I started to understand that Luke’s bitterness and how he seemed to resent his father, Hermes.

I started to resent in my friend because he betrayed me.


“Spontaneous combustion is a form of harm, Mr.D,” Chiron put in.

Joan of Arc experienced combustion.


They have a strong aura, a scent that attract monsters.

People who usually is attractive and has a special quality has an aura.


Everyone converged on the creek as Luke ran across the friendly territory.

The soldiers converged by the military base.

5 Vocabulary


Ms. Dodds materialized next to us.

The ghost materialized in front of me in the haunted house.


Something about the way she looked at the freize, as if she wanted to pulverize it.

The magical spell book pulverized and left sparkles of gleaming light.


He looked at me mournfully, like he was already picking the kind of flowers I’d like best on my coffin.

I looked at my friend mournfully after he broke his mother’s favorite vase.


“Is this like a superstition or something?” I asked.

The scene we saw yesterday at the hospital might be a superstition.


“Okay,” I said glumly.

I replied to my friend glumly because he is requesting for 3 dollars from me.


She was a shriveled hag with bat wings and claws and a moth fill of yellow fangs, and she was about to slice me into ribbons.

Mary’s grandpa’s face is shriveled.

6 Word Expressions

The nebula gleamed in neon pink.

Cranky Contraption


-The thing that I am proud of the most is the framing and the structure of the cranky contraption, for example, I really like how when you spin it on the side of the rectangular platform, the planets will all spin, and I also used some gears as a tool to make this cranky contraption spin in an easier way, but unfortunately it went missing.

-Another thing that I am proud of is the spinning planets, it originally came from an old ornament called and Orrey, usually, to symbolize the power of astronomy and a decorative item, I really like how I color each planet, to make each planet stand out.

-One obstacle I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to make this work easily, before I added the gears, the crank is on the bottom of the platform which makes it really hard to spinning while holding it or being placed on the ground after I added the frames and the gears, the crank is on the side which makes it much easier to spinning.

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