The Book I read is called Lost in the Antarctic by Tod Olson. The Crew of The Endurance are going to the Antarctic. They want to be the first time of explorers to cross the Antarctic. But they ran into trouble and became trapped. The nearest civilization was more than 1000 miles away, so they had to try and find a way to escape and survive. The central theme of this book is survival.

In chapters, 2-6 people want to go across the Antarctic, but they had many troubles in the way.  sometimes they almost give up but when they think about their family so they stand up and continue walking. this is the key theme in my book because the whole book is talking about 29 Crews being trapped in the Antarctic.

I think people should read this book because it tells an incredible true story of survival against all odds. This book is also good for second language learners as the vocabulary is quite simple and the story exciting.