You should watch the movie” night at the museum because the main character, Larry is a polite person and is lots of fun. Larry is full of energy, because he work very hard. When someone is trying to take away the “Gold tablet” and Larry try to get it back and he did. Larry just like he have magic because he can make many people to listen to him, his is full of energy. Also when all the people think that they can’t take back the Gold tablet he still have full of hope to get that thing back, so he solve the problem, and save the museum. Larry very care about his son Nicky so he always try his best to find a job. They all very happy at the end of the story. Also at the start of the movieĀ  in the museum only have20-30 people in it when all the people know that the museum animals is alive, many people come to see it so it was like about 70-100 people in the museum and see the all difference time’s people. Because Larry is such a polite person so you should watch the “night at the museum”.