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Francisco’s journal

This is a journal about a soldier named Francisco who follows Batista that he was able to bring us benefits and provide us with a better city. However as time flows, Francisco began to notice the truth where Batista betrays Cuba.

Was the Cuban Revolution Worth It?

Katie, Yifan

I learn about the Cuban revolution, the most important part is they had many debates, economic problems, and how did senior officials also abuse their rights to suppress civilians. Most people haven’t got a chance to have educated but after the war, Americans support Cuban lots of Educated, farms, and economics.

Survive in the Antarctic

The Book I read is called Lost in the Antarctic by Tod Olson. The Crew of The Endurance are going to the Antarctic. They want to be the first time of explorers to cross the Antarctic. But they ran into trouble and became trapped. The nearest civilization was more than 1000 miles away, so they had to try and find a way to escape and survive. The central theme of this book is survival.

In chapters, 2-6 people want to go across the Antarctic, but they had many troubles in the way.  sometimes they almost give up but when they think about their family so they stand up and continue walking. this is the key theme in my book because the whole book is talking about 29 Crews being trapped in the Antarctic.

I think people should read this book because it tells an incredible true story of survival against all odds. This book is also good for second language learners as the vocabulary is quite simple and the story exciting.

Thinglink: Boxers vs. Christians

Boxer tries to protect the Chinese people but other countries want to trade with china but Boxer doesn’t like it. So other religions stop the supply that China needs. They force Chinese people to trade with them. The other people were getting bombed and get attacked by guns. So that makes the Chinese angry. The Boxer thought there was a Japanese ambassador who killed people in front of the Japanese legation and it made the Japanese government upset.

Lysander CER

In the play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” written by William Shakespeare, Lysander loves Hermia but he is not allowed to marry her because her father, Egeus forbids it.  Lysander is brave and persuasive, but to Egeus Lysander is cunning. Lysander is brave because he stands up for who he loves, even though he knows Egeus is powerful. For example, he says to Demetrius “you have her father’s love, let me have Hermia’s. Do you marry him?” “And she is mine, and all my right of her I do estate unto Demetrius”. (lines 93-94) To which Egeus says “Scornful Lysander.” (Lines 95-98)

Lysander is Persuasive because he loves Hermia and wants to marry her and another reason is, he would run away with Hermia. Lysander says to Hermia “And to that place,` the sharp Athenian law Cannot pursue us. If thou lovest me then. Steal forth thy father’s house tomorrow night. And in the wood, a league without the town.” (Lines 162 – 165). He convinces Hermia to run away and get married!

Egeus thinks Lysander is cunning because he believes that he stole his daughter’s heart.

Egeus says Lysander, with cunning “has filched my daughter’s heart.” it means Hermia’s father doesn’t want Lysander to stay with who she loves, but Lysander somehow cunning his daughter.

Lysander is a person who is brave and persuasive and he takes the risk and stays with the women he loves and they run together.            (  away with Hermia)

The Aged Mother

“The Aged Mother”

“Oh, Honorable mother, your kindness breaks my heart! I will not leave you. Together we will follow the path of twigs, and together we will die!” this is a powerful statement made by the son in the story, “The Aged Mother” to show his loyalty to her. The son decides to sacrifice himself to save his mother’s life this shows loyalty, one of the most important themes in the story. In the story, the emperor wants to kill all the old people because he is afraid to get old and die. Because the emperor said that, the son in the story took his mom to the mountain to let her die, but his mother used the sticks to mark the road they walked. When the son realized he was wrong, he decided to go back and die with his mom. According to Matsuo Basho, the Author of the story the “Aged Mother”, loyalty usually inspires people to Ignore their own needs for someone else.

In the story, the son chose loyalty to save his mom. These two pieces of evidence that show the importance of loyalty. The first evidence is that the son thinks that loyalty is more important than death. “Oh, Honorable mother, your kindness breaks my heart! I will not leave you. Together we will follow the path of twigs, and together we will die!” He is loyal because he cares about his mother and he cares about himself too.

The emperor made a crazy request to have a rope of ashes from each person. But nobody knew how to do it except for the old mother that the son had hidden away. She told the son how to make the rope and the son showed the emperor. After he did those things, he tells the emperor he didn’t think of this is his mother thought of the idea. “Ah, that I should have forgotten the well-known saying, “with the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom!” That very hour the cruel law was abolished, and custom drifted into as far a past This shows the son wanted to save his mom and he told the emperor that he hid his mom and she solved this problem and after that, the emperor is supersized, and he changed the rules. Because the son was loyal to his mother, he opened the emperor’s mind/eyes to the value of old people.

To conclude this is my story “the Aged Mother” According to Matsuo Basho, the Author of the story the “Aged Mother”, loyalty usually inspires people to Ignore their own needs for someone else.

The Aged Mother

Thank you, M’am(found poem)



The found poem that I did above was taken from the text of “Thank You the M’am” written by Langston Hughes. My poem shows the external and internal conflict between two people. In the poem, a boy wants to steal a woman’s bag. The external conflict is the boy grabbing and trying to steal the bag. The internal conflict is the boy doesn’t want to steal but he is poor and he may feel sad, and shame. The woman’s external conflict is she grabs the boy and shakes him. The woman’s internal conflict is she is mad so she shakes the boy.

My design main idea is to shows the boy feels helpless, sad, and shame to steal other people’s things. The uneven sentence is to let readers feel uncomfortable this is meant to show the conflict in the poem.

School should not ban cell phones

Schools should not ban cell phones because it will make the student do everything slower. Also if students don’t bring their cell phones they can’t do their work well as they bring their phones. Bring phones to school can also help students to improve their learning too. For example, like translate the meaning and research of the words for something. However, the school should not ban student’s cell phones.

Schools should not ban cell phones because cell phones could be used as a learning tool, also because cell phones give students many chooses for example like the app to go to Google to translate or other websites to help them to complete their works, and if they find something hard to do then they can search for it, so they can stay at the top of the class. Those tools can also teach the student to develop better stay habits, like time management and organization skills. Students can also use phones to make more decisions, they can use phones to contact their friends which in college. In fact, 70% of students use phones when they are college. So students know very well with their phones, so when that they grow up and get a job they can always call their friends to get work or finish the poster( works ). If we take the phones away from the student when they are in school then when they go and find a job they don’t know how to communicate and that will be big trouble. So schools should not ban cell phones. ( Toronto

Schools should not ban cell phones because if a student has something that is emergency situations or something happened then they need a phone to help them. Even schools have phones but the student can cell faster rather than just run to the station and call or maybe the fire or earthquake the wifi might be a disconnect then school’s phones will be unuseful. Also, another way is that student bring their phones and they have it for after school, maybe some students have many afterschool activities but their parent cancel their class and the student don’t know when it will be a problem so the student can use phones to talk to their parent about the plan. Or their family has a different plan then they need to talk to the kids. In New York, they usually have big changes when they have a different class so they need to tell their kids to do something or other… The phone is very important to the student and teachers and everyone. So phones should not ban in school. (New York time

The phone should not ban in school even many families think that phone distracts their kids to learn more knowledge and they want cell phones to ban in school but phones could help too. The phone is a distraction but if a student can control their body not to play games then the problem can be solved. In many ways, phones should ban in school example many people say that many students use phones to bully each other. the person that has been bullied will be sad and their anger, when the time gets longer the person who gets bulled will do something that people can’t think of, as bad things. But even schools take cell phones away they can also get bullied. So schools should not ban cell phones. Students can use cell phones to talk to their families. Or sometime during break time students can play some games to solve their high pressures. So cell phones are a good tool to use, and should not ban in school. (

So that three reasoning and evidence show that cell phones are important and schools should not ban them. Because it can have a big difference for example use phones to search or translate will save much time for the student, and they can learn more faster. So phones are helpful for humans and students. In emergency time phones is a good tool to save our life and people/student need them to do the work and study more knowledge.

Who is Percy Jackson

What type of person is he in the first chapter?

Percy Jackson is a person that when where he go the trouble will come to him. In page four, Percy Jackson said that “I was trying to listen what he… give me the evil eyes.” So Mrs. Dodds the person who mean to him, and don’t like him.Also in page three, Percy Jackson said that “ I am going to kill her, I mumbled I started to get… to my seat. But Percy Jackson is a person that angry child that very care about his mom. In page nine, he care about his mom and he don’t want kick out of the school so he will try his best in the school.In page one, Percy Jackson says that “ Being a half blood… nasty ways.” His different and experienced things that not many people have done. Also in page 8 the teacher let Percy Jackson to eat out Side in the hallways. Now we know that Percy Jackson is a trouble and love his mother kid, he is a good boy.


Child Labor

Do you know that many kids are on work not study? Why?  In Africa, there are many CHild labors and there are always get hurt and don’t have little money. They can’t even go to school. Some people need to help them to walk out of this. It would be a hell life for them.

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