New year:

In 2019/1/31 my teacher and my friends and I went on to the bus we will go take some of the pictures in the village and river.

First, we went to the village we take many pictures to form them. There is very cool because their has many things that from past. It was old. But they have a much-entrusting building.

Cold Fishing:

When we got their many people are fishing even the weather are very cold. They have to fish because they have to bring the fish at home and eat it. They have to stay an about 5 or 6 hour just sit there. So we can’t throw the trash into the water.


My inspiration was from one of the vacations, a person took a good picture of us, and I want to learn how to take good pictures.


I learned that if you want to take a good picture then you have to catch the chances.