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Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson Response  

Percy Jackson is a troubled, 12-year-old boy who has difficulty managing his emotions but has experience using positive relationships to help make good choices 

Percy could made better choices by manage his emotions.  Percy could have better manage choices for himself because in the book Percy said, “Will you shut up!?!” it comes out louder then I meant.” (In page 5). So, Percy should control what he gonna to say. Also, in the articles “stopping before you decide to give yourself a chance to think.” (Page 19). In this sentence Percy should know How to control himself, also Percy always don’t think and just say something out loud. At the last Percy says that “I snapped, I called him an old sot”! (Page 17). In this sentence he does meant to say that but, he doesn’t have a good patient, in the articles they say, “the best decisions are made using both logic and emotions,” (Page 9). Now Percy should learn how to control himself. Percy must make a better Manage choices for himself.  

Percy Jackson use positive relationships to make a better choice for himself. In the book Percy says that “I was really glad to see her” (Page 33) Percy means about his mother. Also, in the articles they say that “Don’t give into a negative thinking.” “If you find yourself having negative thoughts, then challenge them by looking evidence against them.” it means that we can’t just think someone bad that we really didn’t know them, even though we still can’t just have that mind in our head. Also, in the Percy Jackso book Percy says, “My mother can make me feel good just by walking into the room.”  (page 32-33) In this sentence Percy show that he like his mother very much and cared about her. Lastly in. the articles they said, “Be grateful” This word is very important because we must try our best and do the best that we can. And “Thank people on person for doing nice things for you and remember it.” This is mean that don’t forgot who helped our before we must think them and be nice to them. Finally, Percy said that “But Mr. Brunner, our Latin teacher, was leading this trip, so I had high hope.” (Page2) In this sentence Percy want to go to the trip but if there is no Mr. Brunner he might not go. Also, in the articles they says that “Be open and accept what is going on around you. Learn to appreciate what is happening and avoid excessive criticism of others or situations.” This is what should Percy learn about. 

Percy still need to control his temper because he must be nice to someone. But in other ways he is very nice and cared his mom very much and he is a good boy to be nice to who he knows. Percy Jackson use positive relationships to make good choices. This is very good for him.  

Night at the museum

You should watch the movie” night at the museum because the main character, Larry is a polite person and is lots of fun. Larry is full of energy, because he work very hard. When someone is trying to take away the “Gold tablet” and Larry try to get it back and he did. Larry just like he have magic because he can make many people to listen to him, his is full of energy. Also when all the people think that they can’t take back the Gold tablet he still have full of hope to get that thing back, so he solve the problem, and save the museum. Larry very care about his son Nicky so he always try his best to find a job. They all very happy at the end of the story. Also at the start of the movie  in the museum only have20-30 people in it when all the people know that the museum animals is alive, many people come to see it so it was like about 70-100 people in the museum and see the all difference time’s people. Because Larry is such a polite person so you should watch the “night at the museum”.

Who is Percy Jackson

What type of person is he in the first chapter?

Percy Jackson is a person that when where he go the trouble will come to him. In page four, Percy Jackson said that “I was trying to listen what he… give me the evil eyes.” So Mrs. Dodds the person who mean to him, and don’t like him.Also in page three, Percy Jackson said that “ I am going to kill her, I mumbled I started to get… to my seat. But Percy Jackson is a person that angry child that very care about his mom. In page nine, he care about his mom and he don’t want kick out of the school so he will try his best in the school.In page one, Percy Jackson says that “ Being a half blood… nasty ways.” His different and experienced things that not many people have done. Also in page 8 the teacher let Percy Jackson to eat out Side in the hallways. Now we know that Percy Jackson is a trouble and love his mother kid, he is a good boy.


Child Labor

Do you know that many kids are on work not study? Why?  In Africa, there are many CHild labors and there are always get hurt and don’t have little money. They can’t even go to school. Some people need to help them to walk out of this. It would be a hell life for them.

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New year:

In 2019/1/31 my teacher and my friends and I went on to the bus we will go take some of the pictures in the village and river.

First, we went to the village we take many pictures to form them. There is very cool because their has many things that from past. It was old. But they have a much-entrusting building.

Cold Fishing:

When we got their many people are fishing even the weather are very cold. They have to fish because they have to bring the fish at home and eat it. They have to stay an about 5 or 6 hour just sit there. So we can’t throw the trash into the water.


My inspiration was from one of the vacations, a person took a good picture of us, and I want to learn how to take good pictures.


I learned that if you want to take a good picture then you have to catch the chances.




Chinese Buddhism By: Chuck, Yifan, Nicole, Chetali

Here is our project bout Buddhism

Early Humans and Us Project

This is the project of Early Humans and Us that we work in Humanities. My topic of Early Humans and Us was Technology. So this is all about technology of Early Humans and Modern Humans

Extreme cup competition

Our project was about keeping the heat energy inside the cup/insulate the thermal energy. We had to make a design/model/prototype to test the temperature of the water. Our goal is to not let the heat get out of the cup. We are proud of the materials we used, it helped pretty much, we put five layers to make it keep itself warm. We might want to change the place you drink it, its not easy to drink.  (A big lips person cant drink water out of this cup.) The hard thing about this was we had to make the whole thing one piece which means that we have to connect the lid and the bottom to one piece. My comment about my cup is we might want to cut down the part up their to make it more easy to drink.  One skill I learned is we should keep as more layers as we want. We kept four layers layer 1 foil layer two cotton layer 3 foil layer 4 felt. This is our project, I sure think it is fun.

I am from poem

This is my ‘I am from’ poem

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