The Book Exposing The Overlooked History of America

“Unpunished Murder” is a book by Lawrence Goldstone that explores political division, white supremacy, and systematic racism during the late 1700s-1900s. Initially taking place during the proposal of the new Constitution, drafted by both Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. The book goes into depth about the Colfax Massacre when a band of white supremacists set […]

In A Gentle Way You Can Shake The World, But I Don’t Think The Boxers Got The Memo

The excessive violence executed during the 19th-century rebellion by the Boxers justifies their bad reputation. During the beginning of the rebellion when the Boxers, a group of Chinese citizens known as the “Righteous and Harmonious Fists”, cut off and demolished the railways, telegraph lines, and city walls, it resulted in the unanticipated death of citizens […]

Food Chemistry Design Challenge

My original recipe: Photos of your ingredients Design challenge: We all know that hotel quarantine meals around the world do not currently cater for dietary needs. My challenge was to create a recipe that can be pre-made in bulk or reheated/baked in the hotel once it is delivered. My chocolate chip cookie recipe needs […]