Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Reputation?

The Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation. After China had badly lost the two Opium Wars, China was forced to sign treaties that stated that they had to allow foreign diplomats to live in its capital. As countries like Germany, Britain, America, and France began to move into China, the Chinese weren’t allowed to walk on the streets of the Legations. Foreigners believed that this may be your city, but this isn’t your street. Evidence states that “You live in Beijing, you’re a Beijing resident, and you want to walk down the street, but there are a couple of guards that tell you that you can’t walk here. Well, why not? The foreigners stated that this was the foreign legations, and the Chinese couldn’t walk there, because they weren’t foreign.” (Jenne) By the early 20th century, walls were built around the legation, and it became a closed, restricted area. The Chinese could only get in if they had permission. This angered many Chinese because the foreigners made so many rules that the Chinese government and the people of China had to follow. This piece of evidence shows why the Boxers, known as the Righteous and Harmonious Fists, do not deserve a bad reputation. When all countries continuously imposed themselves on the Chinese, all the Boxers could do was to fight back when the foreigners chose to make the Chinese believe in Western culture and religions. Another piece of evidence that supports my claim states, “There was something of a race between the countries to see who would get to Beijing first because the first to get there were able to conquer and steal the most stuff.” (Jenne) This piece of evidence shows how foreign troops from the 8-Country Expeditionary Forces began “race” to see which country would get from Tianjin to Beijing first because the first who got there to conquer Beijing was able to get the most stuff. This shows 8 different countries working together to try and defeat the Boxers. In this situation, the Chinese government had no point in holding back their Boxers. As the Chinese army is still at a great loss from the weakening of Opium, Empress Dowager didn’t say anything about the Boxer situation, so the Chinese army began to support the Boxers. After the Chinese had lost in the two Opium Wars, when the foreign countries continued to impose themselves on China by attacking and spreading their culture in Chinese territories, it was not excessive for the Boxers to fight back. In conclusion, the Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation, because they have a right to fight back against the foreigners.

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