The Ten Year Bloodbath of France

Michiel Aubert, part of the working-class, started off as a silent supporter, and gradually became a brave speaker who stood up for equality. This is the journal of a working-class man who lived through the French Revolution, a period of time that changed him from nobody to somebody.

Starvation, blood, war, and inequality are the exact words to describe France before the French Revolution. But throughout the revolutionary, France went from a bankrupt country to a strong and industrialized one. In the course of ten years, many things changed in France, and many stayed the same.  Things that stayed the same were such as the way France started the revolution with the rule of a monarchy and also ended the revolution with a monarchy. It started with the same reliability on agriculture and ended with the same agricultural techniques. People are still starving, but by the end of the revolution, the chances of famines and death have largely decreased. Looking at the series of events, many things also changed throughout the revolution. Before the revolution France suffered from deficit spending, banruptcy, famines, starvation, and inequality. After the revolution, people in the Third Estate were treated with the equality and many new revolutionary ideas and humanist thoughts were spread across Europe. The French Revolution was successful in the way it changed the country and provoked new thoughts towards the whole of Europe in a short duration of 10 years. To analyze these points, the French Revolution was worth it and successsful.

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