The Ten Year Bloodbath of France

Michiel Aubert, part of the working-class, started off as a silent supporter, and gradually became a brave speaker who stood up for equality. This is the journal of a working-class man who lived through the French Revolution, a period of time that changed him from nobody to somebody.

Starvation, blood, war, and inequality are the exact words to describe France before the French Revolution. But throughout the revolutionary, France went from a bankrupt country to a strong and industrialized one. In the course of ten years, many things changed in France, and many stayed the same.  Things that stayed the same were such as the way France started the revolution with the rule of a monarchy and also ended the revolution with a monarchy. It started with the same reliability on agriculture and ended with the same agricultural techniques. People are still starving, but by the end of the revolution, the chances of famines and death have largely decreased. Looking at the series of events, many things also changed throughout the revolution. Before the revolution France suffered from deficit spending, banruptcy, famines, starvation, and inequality. After the revolution, people in the Third Estate were treated with the equality and many new revolutionary ideas and humanist thoughts were spread across Europe. The French Revolution was successful in the way it changed the country and provoked new thoughts towards the whole of Europe in a short duration of 10 years. To analyze these points, the French Revolution was worth it and successsful.

The Most Chaotic Period of the History of France — The French Revolution

Some revolutions end purposefully, and some do not. What about the French Revolution? Do you know what the Reign of Terror was? What about King Louis and his deficit spending? The French revolution began with the rule of an unequal social system named the Ancién Regime. This video shows how France went through a series of events that brought the country from a period of absolute monarchy and chaos to freedom and equality. This video was created by Yvonne and Samuel. We worked on cutouts, scriptwriting, planning, filming, and finally editing. What this video conveys is our main idea: Whether or not the French Revolution was worth it. Throughout the unit, I learned about different perspectives people would think about the revolution. There are many ways people may decide to understand this revolution, and I would like to say that the French Revolution was worth it. Before the Revolution, France suffered from deficit spending, bankruptcy, hunger, and famines. After the revolution, people were treated with equality, and revolutionary ideas were spread.  I noticed how important the French Revolution was in shaping France into the country it now is. A revolution may not succeed, but it is always important.


“The Borden Murders”-A Great Read to Consider!

“The Borden Murders”, written by Sarah Miller, talks about the case of a murder event in the morning of August 4th, 1892. In Fall River, Mass, someone violently murdered Lizzie Borden’s father, Andrew Borden, and her stepmother, Abby Borden. Thirty-two-year-old Lizzie was accused and then acquitted of the crime after a 13-day trial. One theme of this book is to always use evidence to find the truth.

Two reasons why I think we should read this book are 1)It gives us all opportunities to read this book and it would help us try a different genre and think in different ways. 2)This book includes mystery, informational text, and determination.

Something I learned in this unit is that it’s really important to re-read and re-read again. I learned that there is so much more information waiting to be discovered in many parts of this book. This was a great learning experience for me to re-read sections of the book for more information.

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Reputation?

The Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation. After China had badly lost the two Opium Wars, China was forced to sign treaties that stated that they had to allow foreign diplomats to live in its capital. As countries like Germany, Britain, America, and France began to move into China, the Chinese weren’t allowed to walk on the streets of the Legations. Foreigners believed that this may be your city, but this isn’t your street. Evidence states that “You live in Beijing, you’re a Beijing resident, and you want to walk down the street, but there are a couple of guards that tell you that you can’t walk here. Well, why not? The foreigners stated that this was the foreign legations, and the Chinese couldn’t walk there, because they weren’t foreign.” (Jenne) By the early 20th century, walls were built around the legation, and it became a closed, restricted area. The Chinese could only get in if they had permission. This angered many Chinese because the foreigners made so many rules that the Chinese government and the people of China had to follow. This piece of evidence shows why the Boxers, known as the Righteous and Harmonious Fists, do not deserve a bad reputation. When all countries continuously imposed themselves on the Chinese, all the Boxers could do was to fight back when the foreigners chose to make the Chinese believe in Western culture and religions. Another piece of evidence that supports my claim states, “There was something of a race between the countries to see who would get to Beijing first because the first to get there were able to conquer and steal the most stuff.” (Jenne) This piece of evidence shows how foreign troops from the 8-Country Expeditionary Forces began “race” to see which country would get from Tianjin to Beijing first because the first who got there to conquer Beijing was able to get the most stuff. This shows 8 different countries working together to try and defeat the Boxers. In this situation, the Chinese government had no point in holding back their Boxers. As the Chinese army is still at a great loss from the weakening of Opium, Empress Dowager didn’t say anything about the Boxer situation, so the Chinese army began to support the Boxers. After the Chinese had lost in the two Opium Wars, when the foreign countries continued to impose themselves on China by attacking and spreading their culture in Chinese territories, it was not excessive for the Boxers to fight back. In conclusion, the Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation, because they have a right to fight back against the foreigners.

This is my Character Traits poster on Helena from A Mid Summer Night’s Dream. Helena is a character that is very desperate for love from Demetrius.  She is very obsessed with Demetrius. She takes the advantage of knowing that Lysander and Hermia will be running off to get married and she slyly tells Demetrius this plan in hope of earning his heart again. But this only because of her jealousy for Hermia.


A Sound of Thunder CER

A Sound of Thunder CER


By: Yvonne

A person travels back in time and steps on a butterfly, from then on changing history. The big idea behind this story talks about the “Butterfly Effect,” which states that a very small event can have large unintended consequences. The exposition of this story shows that this story is set in 2055, where a company has created a way to travel back in time and is used to hunt dinosaurs. Eckels signs up for this event and meets his Safari guide, Mr. Travis. Throughout the story, Eckels is warned more than a few times to always stay on the path. They can’t afford to change any piece of history by stepping on a single leaf. This shows the big idea behind this story, which is that “Small actions can sometimes lead to big differences.”


In the story “A Sound of Thunder,” by Ray Bradbury, the author believes that “Small actions can sometimes lead to big differences.” Mr. Travis constantly reminds Eckels to stay on the path: “‘Stay on the Path. Don’t go off it. I repeat. Don’t go off. For any reason! If you fall off, there’s a penalty. And don’t shoot anything we don’t okay.’” (Bradbury 225) This quote shows the Words of the Wiser from Mr. Travis, the Safari Guide. Mr. Travis constantly reminds Eckels to stay on the path and emphasizes the fact that there is a penalty for falling off the path. This shows how important staying on the path is and indicates how serious it is to fall off the path. This shows the theme of this story, “Small actions can sometimes lead to big differences.” As the story continues, there are more pieces of evidence that show theme through Words of the Wiser. “‘Step on a mouse and you crush the Pyramids. Step on a mouse and you leave your print, like a Grand Canyon, across Eternity. Queen Elizabeth might never be born, Washington might not cross the Delaware, there might never be a United States at all. So be careful. Stay on the Path. Never step off!’” From this quote, it states the importance of any small thing going wrong back in history, stepping on a single mouse ruins the entire history of the family of that single mouse. This shows the big idea about how serious it is for any type of mistake when traveling in the past. How little changes can cause huge consequences. Further on in the story, Eckels panicked when seeing the Tyrannosaurus rex and stepped off the Path, therefore changing the direction of history from then on. Evidence from the story tells us how severe this action was, Mr. Travis says: “‘It’s his shoes! Look at them! He ran off the Path. That ruins us! We’ll forfeit! Thousands of dollars of insurance! We guarantee no one leaves the Path. He left it. Oh, the fool! I’ll have to report to the government. They might revoke our license to travel. Who knows what he’s done to Time, to History!’” (Bradbury 233) This piece of evidence shows how the small action that Eckels did made such a huge difference. By stepping off the path, Eckels changes the history and future of many people, animals, and nature. This shows the big idea about the theme that “Small actions sometimes lead to big differences. From these pieces of evidence, it is clear how the little actions Eckels made lead to big differences and consequences.

Fish Cheeks















This is a found poem created with the words of Amy Tan in “Fish Cheeks”. In the story, the Chinese girl named Amy has a crush on an American boy named Robert. Then, Amy finds out that her family has invited Robert’s family to dinner for Christmas. Amy goes through an internal conflict between being a Chinese girl or an American girl. In the story, a quote says, “Dinner threw me deeper into despair. My relatives licked the ends of their chopsticks and reached across the table, dipping them into the dozen or so plates of food. Robert and his family waited patiently for platters to be passed to them. My relatives murmured with pleasure when my mother brought out the whole steamed fish, Robert grimaced. Then my father poked his chopsticks just below the fish eye and plucked out the soft meat. “Amy, your favorite,” he said, offering me the tender fish cheek. I wanted to disappear.” I think this quote shows how Amy feels really embarrassed. I think she also wants her family to have American traditions and manners at the moment, but she really knows that she is a Chinese girl in a Chinese family.


People Should Live Near Water

I would rather live near the water rather than to live further away from the water for various reasons. I personally think that to live near the water gives you way more advantages than for you to live further away from the water. One of the biggest advantages would probably be that you can go to the water and get water while if you lived further away from the water you would have to walk and longer distance to get to the water. Another reason for what I think is that if there happens to be a fire, you have access to water faster than if you lived further away, therefore you would be able to use the water of the river to put out your fire. Another advantage of living near the water would be that there would be another food source, you would be able to fish, whereas if you lived very far from the water, fishing would either not be a very reliable food source, or it wouldn’t be counted as a food source seeing as how far you are from the water. The last reason I think it would be better to live near water would be that water could also be used to wash clothes, and if you lived further away you would have to walk a long distance for basic daily necessities. In conclusion, I think people should live closer to the river because of all of the advantages there are.