Shook – Eric

The found poem above was taken from “Thank you Ma’m” by Langston Hughes.

It shows the external conflict between the lady and Roger which is Man v. S Man in which when  Roger tries to steal from the lady, and gets in trouble by the lady got him. In the rising action, which is the start of the story, the conflict is seen “when Roger went up and was trying to steal her purse” (1 page #). The conflict can also be seen when “when the boy is struggling and trys to run away ” (2-3page #). This conflict was resolved when the boy saw that even the ma’m know he was trying to steal but still brout him home, and even give him money to get what he wants, in passage we can see that Roger dose not want to be mistrusted. Hopefully this conflict did not last long, and also hopefully roger has clear for doing the right thing.


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