The Revolution That Changed Cuba And It’s People

There is a man with his own belief, not a follower, not a man that works for money, of course that’s me Teofilo Federico. Where I am right now is one of the poorest towns in Cuba, my house is shabby with water leaking from the roof top. You know it is hard to live in a house that is shabby by your self right. Now here’s my journal, see how I live my life down.

Through the revolution there is something that had changed and something that is not changed, for example like Cuba’s new leader Fidel Castro had to make this country better, than what Batista is thinking. Also like in the treatment that USA had gave to Cubans had changed, they had been much nicer than before.

Also, there are not only changes, there are also continues like one of them might be that Cuba is still a communist country even if the leader had changed. Second Cuba’s relation with the USA are still not too good, and there are still some small fights going on today.

Corrupted Government, Dictatorship, and Inequality

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Here in the image that I found, we can see one of the main characters of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro(standing tall, waving hand at the rebels) . The rebels putting hand up in the air, following the lead of their leader Fidel against the government which Batista is in power.  The government that Batista had led to was corrupted and cruel, the people in Cuba hated the way it is, they needed a revolution to change what is happening now, they need a better government, better leader to lead this country. Among all of the people in Cuba, Fidel Castro was the bravest one, and the one who led to the change of Cuba, the Cuban Revolution.




do the Boxer deserve a bad reputation?


The Boxers deserve a bad reputation. For example  from 1897 to 1898 the farmers and villagers in Shandong claim the drought and famine was because of the foreigners and the missionaries. The Boxers destroyed public property, like railroads that were build, also churches were destroyed by the Boxers. They deserve a bad reputation because they are destroying public property, public properties are public not theres, also destroying does nots solve the problem. Also drought and famine can not be controlled by the missionaries and foreigners, so it is actually not their fault, is the weather it self changing.

Exploring history

Elegant Italian Cuisine Food Magazine by zhexi.liu
by zhexi.liu

A Midsummer Nights Dream By William Shakespeare.

I choose Lysander Because he was brave and also caring when Hermia’s sad.  I choose this image because this person is same as Lysander in kind, and gentle.  I like my magazines picture and quotes, because my picture is and handsome gentleman like Lysander which attracts people, and my quotes kind of describes the picture.

how would a farmer change a law


How many time do you stay at home with your parents? I usually have a lot of classes out side of school like baseball, so I only have time at night to talk with them. Think, what if you were in a world that the farmer was in, and your elders might announced to get killed in any time. What would you do or think about shining?. It talks about that, in a place called shining, there was a cruel law that had made by the governor which is also a warrior he believes that, strong people are more useful than young and old people, so he decided to kill all aged (old) people. Because he thinks they are useless. And this farmer tries to protect her mom, and brings her to the mountains so she wouldn’t get killed. At last the farmer tries to convince the governor to abolish the law, by telling her a story of how he struggle on something and fixed it. So on in the future of shining there were never this law. The love between them flow far and deep leaving memories to keep.


In the story “The Aged Mother” , by Matsuo Basho, the author believes family love can often help overcome difficult circumstances .The aged mother was encouraging and telling the boy that as log as we are together we will help each other and get over it. “Let not thine eyes be blinded, my son.” She said. “The mountain road is full of dangers. LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down”. The son’s surprised eyes looked back over the path, then at the poor old, shriveled hands all scratched and soiled by their work of love (Basho #2). This supports my theme statement by showing the love between the mother and the son. It shows how they help each other and telling each other that it will all be over. also show the family love between them. And this love between the mother and the son helps them to overcome difficulties .As it goes to the end of the story, the farmer decided stand out and help Shining Finally he lifted his head. “Shining needs more than strength of youth,” he said gravely. “Ah, that I should have forgotten the well-known saying, “with the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom!” That very hour the cruel law was abolished, and custom drifted into as far a past that only legends remain (Basho #2).In the last moment the farmer and his aged mother had convinced the governor to abolish the cruel law, by telling the governor a story of his, that they overcame hard chips. At last the love between them had went further, and the it had changed shining, made it even better. So at last we know family love can often help overcome difficult circumstances.






Shook – Eric

The found poem above was taken from “Thank you Ma’m” by Langston Hughes.

It shows the external conflict between the lady and Roger which is Man v. S Man in which when  Roger tries to steal from the lady, and gets in trouble by the lady got him. In the rising action, which is the start of the story, the conflict is seen “when Roger went up and was trying to steal her purse” (1 page #). The conflict can also be seen when “when the boy is struggling and trys to run away ” (2-3page #). This conflict was resolved when the boy saw that even the ma’m know he was trying to steal but still brout him home, and even give him money to get what he wants, in passage we can see that Roger dose not want to be mistrusted. Hopefully this conflict did not last long, and also hopefully roger has clear for doing the right thing.


Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

Our activity was to rule a place by giving laws and creating language to be able to trade. During the activity Lucas and I did the laws together, and our other teammate did trading and temple designing. At last our group did our secret invention witch is a catapult that launch out marshmallows. We used forks to make the base, then we used pop stickle stick and rubber band to make the top, and the spoon to make the launcher. At last we used tape to make it stable. We were the fastest team that makes there top secret invention. As a group, we divided the work load up by areas-some did laws, some did trades, some did language, some did designing temple and we all did the catapult. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was the catapult, because when we built the catapult, that means we could attack other places. Our weakest point as a civilization was our laws, because we didn’t have all of the rules to rule our civlization. If I could do this activity again, I wanted to be apart of the trade, because I did not know alot of laws.

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