Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

Our activity was to rule a place by giving laws and creating language to be able to trade. During the activity Lucas and I did the laws together, and our other teammate did trading and temple designing. At last our group did our secret invention witch is a catapult that launch out marshmallows. We used forks to make the base, then we used pop stickle stick and rubber band to make the top, and the spoon to make the launcher. At last we used tape to make it stable. We were the fastest team that makes there top secret invention. As a group, we divided the work load up by areas-some did laws, some did trades, some did language, some did designing temple and we all did the catapult. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was the catapult, because when we built the catapult, that means we could attack other places. Our weakest point as a civilization was our laws, because we didn’t have all of the rules to rule our civlization. If I could do this activity again, I wanted to be apart of the trade, because I did not know alot of laws.

My Lego Stop Motion by Eric – One Day, 2019

Today I decided to make a stop motion movie with my friend Nicolas.

My partner and I decided to do this because it was fun and interesting, we thought that making a movie would be really cool.

Our inspiration came from guns and things .

Some things we did well were we made the speed we wanted and we made good sound effects.

Today I learned team work is useful, because your team mate can help you do a lot.

Some things I found difficult were that, when you take photos your hand will be always shaking and you have to take a lot of photos.

One Day is important because in the whole day you get to do what you are interested in and you can explore many different ways to make a SMA.

Early human and us

This is my 6th grade technology project about early human and us. Its about weapons, and how weapons change through time. Now modern humans had used very different weapon from early humans.

Hello world!

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