The Revolution That Changed Cuba And It’s People

There is a man with his own belief, not a follower, not a man that works for money, of course that’s me Teofilo Federico. Where I am right now is one of the poorest towns in Cuba, my house is shabby with water leaking from the roof top. You know it is hard to live in a house that is shabby by your self right. Now here’s my journal, see how I live my life down.

Through the revolution there is something that had changed and something that is not changed, for example like Cuba’s new leader Fidel Castro had to make this country better, than what Batista is thinking. Also like in the treatment that USA had gave to Cubans had changed, they had been much nicer than before.

Also, there are not only changes, there are also continues like one of them might be that Cuba is still a communist country even if the leader had changed. Second Cuba’s relation with the USA are still not too good, and there are still some small fights going on today.

Corrupted Government, Dictatorship, and Inequality

image source

Here in the image that I found, we can see one of the main characters of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro(standing tall, waving hand at the rebels) . The rebels putting hand up in the air, following the lead of their leader Fidel against the government which Batista is in power.  The government that Batista had led to was corrupted and cruel, the people in Cuba hated the way it is, they needed a revolution to change what is happening now, they need a better government, better leader to lead this country. Among all of the people in Cuba, Fidel Castro was the bravest one, and the one who led to the change of Cuba, the Cuban Revolution.




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