Science Final Project

My biggest take away from grade 6 science was the idea that science class can be fun. I went in with a negative mindset due to past courses but ended really enjoying all the experiments.

If I could write my own report card comment, I would say that I had a few ups and downs throughout the year (not just during e-learning) but seems to be working harder now and has come around a bit. I believe I am okay at analysing data and giving scientific explanations but models I need to work on.


I would like to work on understanding things faster and drawing my models better next year.

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Always and Forever, Lara Jean – Peter K and LJ – a scrapbook



I read Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han and I really enjoyed it.  I tried to base my project off of some of my original thinking but cleaned it up and made it more appealing and tried to get it to make more sense. I took a lot of notes and practically copied off of my notes and put them into thinking on a canva page. I believe this really stretched my thinking because I tried to be more creative and I have never done something like this before, and I found it very interesting to put my thoughts out like this.

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It’s Corona Time!!

I had a lot of fun pulling this project together, it was a bit tough to find all the necessary materials but I had a good time looking over how far we have come since the beginning. I decided to use PowerPoint as I knew I could be most creative with it and not have to “learn as I go” with a new site, I tried to make it short but still include everything I needed, like for the front page, I used my collage instead of giving it a full-page this also made it less plain. I believe that in the future people studying the pandemic, looking at how a 12-year-old went from being at home and leaving the house to going somewhere tropical and leaving the house and having bunches of fun to literally not leaving the house at all will be interesting and make people understand how difficult this was even for people that didn’t have the virus. I am most proud of how my video came out because it took a long time for me to gather up the information (and a lot of space on my phone) but it was worth it in the end to see a grand total of 2 weeks and how things changed. I found it quite stressful/challenging during the fake news unit. Only because the topic I chose was probably unnecessary for me to be looking at and extremely worrying.

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Our stories Make History

This is a 2-minute video about how I have been spending my time during coronavirus.

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How has our relationship with humans changed over time?

In humanities, We worked on three big questions, main topics being community, technology and food. I swapped between food and community, but in the end, I got really interested in how early humans reacted when they began having lactose. My biggest challenge was finding information off of the sites that were provided to us. Something that I really enjoyed was making the infographic and researching. Looking at the enzymes kind of grossed me out, but overall, I really enjoyed this project. 🙂

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My favourite time during teach is when we played math games and we used a ball. the kids seemed to really enjoy playing, we were adding hundreds tens and units.

Most challenging time: When the kids read to me, because, it was very difficult to understand one of them and she wouldn’t take advice.

Would I like to work with kids in the future?: Yes and no, yes because I would like to do the teach enrichment again, but tracking is not the job I want.

If you could change anything about this enrichment, what would it be? : I think maybe just add more grade groups?

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I have really enjoyed teaching so far this semester. I think when we played games that went really well! I think when we read they should choose their favourite books so they might enjoy it a bit more. one thing that was a bit weird was when one of the little boys kept calling me mamacita. But other than that I have so much fun in teach!

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This is my cardboard arcade for design.

we made a whack a mole.

Our biggest obstacle was probably trying to get the angle just right of when the humans come up.

One thing I would like to change is the size because it was pretty small.

My biggest success was completing it in time and people wanting to play.


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Abbie land (maps as metaphors)

My homework is a mountain

My bed is the ocean

My books are a river.

Bath time is an oasis.

Family is a peninsula.

My fears are a forest.

My tears are a volcano.

My social life is a plane of land.

My room in the winter is a dessert in the summer.

My bedroom is an island.

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I am from Dragon Bay, 1201 

I am from the youngest of three. 

The “nose goes” of who cleans the litter tray. 

The laughs, the smiles and the tears. 


I am from The International School of Beijing. 

I am from random 5 year-olds running up to me and asking if I’m Ms Nunan’s daughter, 

Then getting hugs from those kids all year long. 

I am from listening to Justin Bieber in Ms Krista’s classroom and listening to Hayley hum along. 

Singing we will rock you in math, and laughing with my friends. 


I am from Capital Paradise, 801,  

Watching Barbie a Mermaid Tale in the playroom. 

Making forts, and secretly bringing Tessa upstairs. 

I am From squishing into a single bed. 


I am from 72 Maple Lawn. 

From seeing a daddy long legs and claiming to find a bigger one each time 

I am from crying twice, once from joy when I arrive and once from sadness when I leave. 


I am from Dragon Bay, I am from Capital Paradise, I am from Maple Lawn. 

I am from HOME, Love and Family. 


Abbie Nunan 

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