The Poem I Found : )

In the story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson on page 6, is where I found my poem. The poem shows a character versus character conflict. In the poem I showed that Norma, the protagonist, was having a fight with Arthur the antagonist. This wife and husband was given a choice to push a button which […]

Argumentative Essay Reflection

What you did well in your essay. I believe that in my essay the side I was good at was having great claims and evidence to support my claims. I stated all of them very well. What you might like to improve. I think that in my essay, for my conclusion I could have thinking […]

Percy Jackson Informational Blog

In the book “Percy Jackson and The Olympians”, the main character Percy makes many decisions that have led to some unlucky endings and many decisions that could have been improved. One was Percy losing his temper, on page 9 in the text it said “I was about to unwrap my sandwich when Nancy Bobofit appeared […]

Grade 6 Reflection

When I started middle school, I was most excited about just being a middle schooler because I remember when I was small I would walk pass middle schoolers and think that they were so cool and I wanted to be one too. Soon before I knew it I was one so I was so super […]


What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science? My biggest take away in 6th grade science is probably everything I’ve done and learned. In 5th grade I felt like we didn’t learn much, we learned how to make ice cream, butter, and some more stuff. Compared to 6th grade I feel like I […]

My favorite

This is one of my favorite books, the first time I knew about it was when I was in 3rd grade,  my teacher read it to the class. This book is important to me because it talks a lot about how the main character dealt with hate. I remember feeling bad for the main character […]