A new book

I had a lot of differences in my first draft and now. In my first draft, I had a lot of punctuation errors I didn’t know how to add punctuation, so I just had sentences that went on forever. I also didn’t have any descriptive language at all, it was just a boring story that wasn’t even interesting. I didn’t even have a lead or a conclusion, my conclusion was far behind what we actually had to do. My story needed a lot of work  I needed a lot of help, but after the teacher gave me feedback and after we went through different stations my story improved. I had fewer punctuation errors, strong descriptive language, a lead, a conclusion, better word choices, and a good story. My story was a lot better after getting feedback and working on it more I like it a lot. Although I kinda still think I could work a little more on punctuations with my story I could add more.

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