Where have all the smiles gone ? Our stories make history final project

Our stories make history- my reflection

During our unit, our stories make history, I created primary sources that showed my experiences and my feelings during covid-19. I also learned how to find trustworthy and reliable sources to include into my final project. The project I created shows my life during covid-19 that I’ve experienced since the beginning. I organized my project in the order of the events that took place, and added the ones that were on the same date next to each other. It will be easier for people to walk through my final project and understand my final project.

I created this project to help people in the future understand how a kid like me felt during this tragic period of time. They can learn about how I felt during this time, while doing online learning, staying at home, getting used to this new schedule, and a lot more. Also, being able to use this as a trustworthy and reliable source. There will probably be many things about covid-19 later on, and people will want a trustable one like mine.

During this unit, I am proud of me as a writer, I became a better one. I got better at writing about my emotions and how I felt, from writing journals every day and taking the feedbacks that others gave me. There were of course challenges that I faced, I noticed how my grammar and punctuation wasn’t so good. I tried my best to improve it, but it was hard when there wasn’t a person next to me. We’re all so far apart.

Adrianna Ji

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