Grade 6 Reflection

When I started middle school, I was most excited about just being a middle schooler because I remember when I was small I would walk pass middle schoolers and think that they were so cool and I wanted to be one too. Soon before I knew it I was one so I was so super excited. ✨

When I began sixth grade, I was worried about getting good grades because I didn’t always have good grades and all of a sudden, my mom was very serious about good grades. I overcame these worries by at first working hard and stressing myself out to get them but now recently I have been talking to my dad about my worries and opening up to him (which I don’t usually do). That helped a lot because he told me not to, I’m still small, he didn’t have great grades either and he still succeeded, I shouldn’t be living in a way to make others happy and proud of me I should be living in a way I would feel good, whatever I decide to do he will always help me, and also gave me some great tips.

One highlight of my year was getting closer with some friends I weren’t close with because they added a lot more happiness into my life and made me realize the good people and the people that I shouldn’t try to hang out with. ✨Even though they can be sometimes annoying but that’s just what friends do and they will apologise if they feel like they did something wrong, which I always really appreciate. Another highlight was learning to solve a problem in a nicer way. I consider this a highlight because I really don’t want to seem like a mean person to others and being nice will always make people feel better. I know that because when someone is mean to me it really hurts and I don’t want others to be hurt like I was, I tried my best this year to not be mean in situations I got angry and annoyed. Of course, in the start I didn’t do very well but I know I will get there slowly. ✨

One challenge I faced was getting stressed all the time. I confronted this challenge by thinking about what made me stressed and then seeing if I could stop doing that, doing things I enjoy, talking to someone, just keeping it inside of me (wasn’t the best way), and a lot more. Another challenge I faced was during quarantine I started feeling really bad about myself (body and face). I confronted this challenge by eating less junk food but eating the same amount of healthy food and then working out every day. I am doing much better but I’m still working on it.

Before eLearning, I wasn’t really good at controlling my time. E-learning helped me grow by making myself plan out my day. Now, I can do work every day and at the same time have ✨some time for myself to enjoy and relax.

I am most proud of myself for keeping up my grades when doing online learning because it is very easy to just not want to do the assignments when there aren’t teachers there and there is just so much things happening other than that too.

If I could do sixth grade over again, I would try and communicate with my family more and not keep my emotions inside myself because that would✨help me a lot in every way. Now that I am communicating more with my dad and mom I have already been feeling much better and I have really been getting to know my dad better.

Additional questions answers✨

 I made many new friends this year and that allowed me to have friends with me everywhere I went,  it made me feel less awkward when walking in the hallways to class.

The most important thing I learned about myself this year is that I always tend to overthink sometimes the problem isn’t even that big but I make it seem big.

For the new 6th graders:

For being a better person I would tell them that it is time to be nice to everyone even if they are not nice to you because you never will know the other side of the story, they could be going through something really bad. If they are stressing out about their future I would tell them don’t worry just remember✨ that all you need to do is do what you need to do for the day, nothing else than that that’s all you need to do. And for friendship they really don’t need to worry about their friends not liking them because real friends don’t do that. If they are mean leave them, real friends will believe, help you, trust you, make you smile, and a lot more.

In 7th grade I am ✨looking forwards to starting over and being a more positive person.

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