A new book I had a lot of differences in my first draft and now. In my first draft, I had a lot of punctuation errors I didn’t know how to add punctuation, so I just had sentences that went on forever. I also didn’t have any descriptive language at all, it was just a […]

Where I’m From

I am from poem audio and text I am from poem Adrianna I am from the warm welcome coming home. That makes my heart pump faster. From the loud doorbell that makes me race to the door. Because dad is home. From the Ayi that I’ve known for centuries. That calls “欢欢 dinner is ready!” […]

water filter experimenting

The problem is we are on this island finding water. But the water that we found was dirty so we are trying to get a filter to filter the water. Luckily some tape, cotton balls, a rubber band, some wire , and a plastic bottle washed up.  So now we are trying to find a […]