"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

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Where I’m From

I am from poem audio and text

I am from poem


I am from the warm welcome coming home.

That makes my heart pump faster.

From the loud doorbell that makes me race to the door.

Because dad is home.

From the Ayi that I’ve known for centuries.

That calls “欢欢 dinner is ready!”

From the mean annoying calls from my big brother.

Lets me know I’m in trouble.

From the sweet and nice mom.

That helps ruff days disappear.

I am from the grandma that welcomes me with wide arms open.

She’s sweet like sugar.

From the grandpa that acts cool.

But on the inside his so kind that you’ll never know how kind.

From the warm soft happy hugs that make my days a lot better.

And from the tall stick, I can lean on.

When I feel sleepy or heartbroken.



water filter experimenting

The problem is we are on this island finding water. But the water that we found was dirty so we are trying to get a filter to filter the water. Luckily some tape, cotton balls, a rubber band, some wire , and a plastic bottle washed up.  So now we are trying to find a way to make a filter with some tape, a plastic bottle, some silk that we riped from our clothes, cotton balls, wire, some rubber bands, and rocks.

The dirty water included dirt, pebbles, sand, and rocks.

To make the filter we used a plastic bottle, duct tape, cotton balls, rubber band, rocks, and wire.

Engineering is important because it will help you solve problems when you have one. And you also learn a lot while your engineering.

A challenge I had was taping the silk on and cutting the bottle it was really hard.

I choose this design because I thought it would work best. My design was okay I liked it but I think we still could’ve done better. If I could do it again I would probably add more rocks and silk because there were still a lot of small rocks and a little dirt I think.


I am…..


I am a food lover

I am a music lover

I am a daughter


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