Activity day, board game

I made a game called Space Adventure, The rule is you roll the dice and move the amount of space you get and complete the challenge based on where you land but you have to complete the challenge on the start to continue and whoever gets to the end first wins.

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Final habitat mini project

1. What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science?

My biggest take away from 6th-grade science is learning all the new facts that I didn’t know before, and what I learned from all of the new experiment we did.

2. If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say?  How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations?

I think I will say that I am ok with science but I still need to improve in drawing models and my hypothesis. I think I am ok in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations.

3. What would you like to work on for next year in science?

I would like to improve how I draw and explain the model I draw, also how to write a good hypothesis.

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The Death Machine


Summary: In my story, it talks about three-person who tried out the death machine and what happened to them after they know how they were going to die.

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Reading project-holes

What book did you read and how did you like it?

The book I read this time is holes written by Louis Sachar

Explain how your project shows your thinking?

in this project, I focused on the two main characters zero and Stanley, and what is their characteristics, so when I was collecting all my notes I just chose the ones that connect with the person’s characteristics and drew a symbol for it.

How did this project level-up your thinking or stretch you as a reader?

This project had to make me focus more on what things to add in my final project and wich not to so I really had to think more about what to add and which one not to add

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“Our story makes history” Final project

1) A one or two-sentence summary of the unit, “Our Stories Make History,” and the project you created.
This unit about our story makes history is simply just about recording our life during COVID-19. For my project, I drew a picture of what I’m doing during COVID-19.

2) Explain how you organized your project and why.
I organized my project putting my journal at the front then my collage, the 6-word memoir, my project, then my article and sources.

3) How might this primary source be useful to a historian, or even future 6th graders, in the future? What might they learn about/from your experience
I think this will be helpful for historians and future 6th graders because they can know what we did during the coronavirus and what happened.

4) What do you think went well for you in this unit? (What are you most proud of?)
I think to be able to complete my work and doing the projects.

5) What did you find challenging within this unit?
The Challenging part of this unit is completing some of the tasks and handing it in because some of them are really confusing but I did do it at last.

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How has tools and weapon influenced us throughout history-technology

If we could do this project again I wouldn’t change all of the stuff, but I will definitely change the infographic I did because it isn’t really good. Also, what struggled for me when I was doing the project was, writing the script and getting it finished on time.

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my cardboard arcade reflection

My biggest success for my cardboard arcade is when we had the cardboard arcade a lot of kid actually enjoyed playing our game and really liked it when our game broke, and we had to fix it a lot of kid were actually pretty sad, and when we finish fixing it some kid said “That game is finally fixed” and came back to play our game.

I think that my biggest obstacle was when our shooter broke all those times during the day at our cardboard arcade. It broke several times one after another so we had to close down our game for a while, but after I finished fixing the broken parts every time it broke I get it back in shape and slowly got used to what to do.

If I did this project again I would like to change it into another type of game because this one is to easy to break even when we made it all very neat and followed everything we needed to do (according to the video). A lot of kids also liked it but it was to easy to break so next time I would like to change it to another game.

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maps as metaphors

My couch is plain, soft and comfortable
The school is a mountain, tall and big
My dreams are a valley it goes on but has an end
The hopes of mine are a river wide and never ending
My fears are a volcano trying to explode every time
The books that I’m reading are oasis some are good, and some are bad
My works are an island only I can show it to people
The peninsula is my secret it is surrounded with protections
My family is a forest we help each other all the time
The lake is my goal goes all the wat but changes all the time
My homework is a dessert hard and terrible
The coast is my vacation hot and warm
My health is the ocean important and massive
The cliff is my worries very dangerous
My friends are the pathway always there but changes
The road is my friend ship always there, but you might not have it then

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My vacation

I am from cinnamon syrup,

On top of sweet chocolates.

A good treat after the long day of hiking,

A steep hill and some rocks.

I work my way up the mountain in Canada.


In winter I am the snow and the water,

The sweet smell of the hot chocolate.

Skiers skiing down the trail,

People watched them go the followed them, me to.

But others who didn’t ski,

Was down in the town partying for the race.


I am from the dream inside of others’

A good discovery of emotion.

Some are happy some are sad,

But they all lead to a good ending


In summer I’m sandy beaches and salty water.

People dive down into the ocean,

Because of the hot, bright and red sun.

Some people just build sandcastles on the sand,

But all are having fun.


I am from schools,

The horrifies of the children’s.

Every day more books more homework.

But always are they having fun.

Bum bum the sounds of the balls,

Banging in PE class.

The teacher is like giants telling them to do everything.

For most students, they think schools are horrible like the tiger,

torcher you like a slave and bad letting you to do what you don’t like.


In the night I am fear,

Trying to explode anytime,

like the hot, bright and orange volcano.

It is as hot as the sun, as bright as the star,

And as orange and the lava.


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Science Experiment…

In this experiment we used cardboard, pipes, curved pipe, bottle, felt, web, paper and tape. Engineering is important because if you don’t know how to do some engineering work then you will not be able to build things. Our challenge was how to connect all the things, how to make it work and letting it stand by itself.  We chose that design because we thought that it would work and within our hope it was really good. if we can change it i would like to and one more bottle and other things that can make the water clean and add it to our project.

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