Sewable Circuits Bookmark

For this project, I made a bookmark with a twitch logo that lights up.

Why did I choose this: I chose this because there are two twitch streamers I talk to a lot and they are really nice so I thought I would make a twitch logo.

Why did I choose to make this design: The other designs were too hard to make and I thought this one would be the one I liked the most.

My design process

My designs:

My paper Prototype:

My felt laid design laid out:

My first side sewed (but I made a mistake so I had to redo it):

finished product:


What was new for me: Sewing was new to me, I never learned how to sew.

What was hard: It was hard trying to thread everything correctly

A tip for next semester students:  Don’t accidentally sew the wrong sides together (positive to negative) I learned it ‘the hard way’ and it was really sad

What I would like to learn: I would like to learn how to use the threads to make a design while still lighting up an led light

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Emotions Are Tricky

Percy has a problem with controlling his emotions. He is impulsive and doesn’t think about what he does. He doesn’t know how to manage his emotions and always gets frustrated or angry. For example, on page 39- “I felt angry at my father”.

The article Recognizing and Managing Emotions explains a lot about why when Percy gets mad at someone, he might get into fights with them. “Many of us don’t like to talk about our emotions, especially not if they really matter to us, so they tend to be expressed even more in our body language.” Percy is always showing his frustration with his actions. For example, on page 18, “One evening before my final, I got so frustrated that I threw the Cambridge Guide to Greek Mythology across my dorm room.”. It shows that he doesn’t try to calm down and gets frustrated instead. Another example of when he shows his anger with actions is from page 9- “I don’t remember touching her, but the next thing I knew, Nancy was sitting on her butt in the fountain, screaming ‘Percy pushed me!’”.

Percy has a hard time managing his emotions, but his problem could be improved. On page 9 it shows Percy trying to manage his emotions “I tried to stay cool, the school counselor had told me a million times”. If Percy is at least trying to control his emotions, and it will be a lot easier for other people to help him if he’s trying. In the article Recognizing and Managing Emotions, they talk about how noticing your emotions actions might help you manage your emotions. “Take some time to notice your emotional responses and consider what might be behind them, whether values, memories or experiences. Also consider what results in positive emotions and what is more negative.”

Here are some positive actions that will help manage emotions.

-Being kind to each other

-Spend time outside

-Be grateful

-Distract yourself

-Notice good things in your life

Remember, you can change how you feel. If Percy takes time to realize how he feels and what he’s doing, he can manage his emotions better.

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Habitat Mini Project

My biggest takeaway from sixth grade science was the engineering projects.

I would like to work on more experiments and engineering projects.

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Our Stories Make History Final Project

During the Our Stories Make History unit we made primary sources during this global pandemic.

I put the timeline first, then the journals, then collage, and then the citations. I decided to go with this order because I thought the timeline would help the people who are looking at my Thinglink understand what I was going through the most, and citations the least.

They might learn about the virus and how people dealt with it.

I am most proud of my primary sources.

I found it challenging to keep up with the work.

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Early Humans and Us Project Reflection

What went well in this project was the infographic because I started from scratch and finished at the same time as most other people.

What was difficult was the oral reflection because I kept messing up and having to redo my video, it was also hard to keep eye contact by looking into a camera and looking at your script at the same time.

If I could redo my project I would try to do better for the oral reflection because I don’t think I made enough eye contact and didn’t speak very well.

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Early Humans and Us Project

In Humanities we worked on a research project about early humans and us. My research question was: “What materials did people use over time to make tools with?”. We used Thinglink to make our project. Here is mine:


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My Cardboard Arcade Game: Marble Invaders

This is our cardboard arcade game, the objective of the game is to knock down the boss but first you need to shoot the marble down the screw zone and it has to roll into a hole and if it rolls into the five point hole you get five tries to knock down the boss and if you roll it into the three then you have three tries to knock down the boss and when you roll into the one point hole you have one try to knock down the boss.

Our biggest success was just the cardboard arcade, a lot of kids came to our game and they really liked it, I think the game is ok we worked really hard on it I would improve it if i could.

Our biggest obstacle was probably the cannon, it was really hard to make and it fell apart sometimes but we made it work. We also didn’t have a lot of videos to work off of.

One thing i’d like to change is add paint or make it look better somehow to make it more eye catching so more people would play our game and it would make it look better



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My Metaphor Map: Island of Darkness


School is a plain, its the same thing everyday, not that hard to, not too easy.

Violin is a mountain, I have to work very hard to reach my goal.

My questions are a river, constantly flowing and my questions turn into my thoughts flowing into a lake. (Even though i didn’t connect my river with my lake.)

My thoughts are a lake, very deep and big.

My dreams are an island, a place i can never reach without hope.

Music is my oasis, always brings me into another world when i listen.

My Fears are a volcano, sometimes calm with my fears laying low, sometimes erupting and  my fears come out for a scare.

My worries are a forest, when i’m worried i can’t find a way out of my worries.

My hope for making new friends are like a coast, hoping to find new friends but they never come.

The ocean is my loneliness, when i’m alone and lonely, in the middle of an ocean, no one comes to find me.

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Where I’m From Poem

Hum_Lu_Alex_Where I’m From Poem

My poem are things i like like books and artist. the first stanza is about all the book i read and love and the second stanza is about my electronics i like using and the third stanza are about board games or something like them i play with my family. The third stanza is about the artists or other things about songs that i like. The last stanza is about things outside my house like the school my bike and candles that my mom sometimes light in the backyard and i tried to add some figurative language in there but i’m not sure if it fits well with what i was talking about in that stanza and i would redo this whole poem if i could but i don’t have time to do another one.

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Water Filter Design Challenge

Materials: Pipe cleaner, mesh plates, fabric, plastic bottles, pvc pipes, cardboard cylinders.

I think engineering is important because engineering helps us solve solutions in real life and helps us in all problems.

the challenge was keeping our design stable.

I thought that the design was good because it had many filters and i would change how the filters works because it fell down when we poured water through it.

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