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Too Many Stuff In Tacos

My biggest success
I think my biggest success it to make this product in a limited time with limited materials. As covid started to getting serious again, lots of material I needed can’t arrive in the limited time. I only can use the materials arrived before and anything that I can use at home. Though without lots of materials, I still made the product out to solve the problem about food waste.

Advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be
I think one important advice will probably be, make sure you have all the materials you need before you start to build your product, maybe after you finish the designing you can start to getting the materials. Limited materials really can’t let your product be as perfect as you think before.

My biggest obstacle
Instead of my limited materials, the biggest obstacle is that I don’t have a platform to let the for stick to be stable at the beginning, because they are too thin glue didn’t work out, so I used more stick under them to make them more stable and can handle more weight on it.

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Capstone Essay: How Single Parenting Affected Children?

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This essay tells about a serious problem that exists in recent years, that is, single-parent families. Single parent family is a very important topic for the third SDGs. Children from single-parent families will suffer a lot of issues, both psychological and physical, just because of this problem. So this article also tells us how the importance of this matter and is this solved.

Mid-Century Modern Bluetooth Speaker

In this unit of product design, I designed my own bluetooth speaker after learning about many aesthetics. The aesthetics I chose is the mid-century modern.

What did you struggle most during this project?
The hinge was the biggest problem that I was struggling. The screws were way too long, and I couldn’t even close the speaker’s top properly. However, after using the glue to glue the hinge on to my speaker, the problem was solved.

What aspect of this project are you most proud of?
I am proud of the aesthetics that I chose from the beginning, which was the mid-century modern aesthetics. After the progress, the final speaker looks really cool with some basic elements from mid-century modern.

What’s a skill you learned or improved on over the course of this project?
A skill that I learned is that how to adjust to changing circumstances. One of the class, I was struggling with the hinge problem, for the entire class I was trying to fix it, but it doesn’t work well. I basically wasted almost one class and did not do anything, then I thought about changing it to a simple way which was using glue, and it finally worked. If I didn’t adjust my way to the hinge, maybe I will waste more time.

The Mexican Revolution

Character introduction:

Luis was a 16 years old boy when he joined the army. At the age of sixteen, Luis met the love of his life.  When he thought this would be the girl who he spends his life with, but the heartless war ripped them apart. He had to leave for the revolution.

Was this revolution a success:

In my opinion, this revolution was a very successful revolution. It helps Mexican citizens gained lands and liberty.  At first, most of the citizens that were not rich has been treated unfairly. After Carranza and Obregón’s rule, this country has truly accomplished the people’s dream, where land and liberty belonged to the people of Mexico. For example, in the new constitution a program called Ejido was made, it made sure land will belong to the peasants who worked in it. There also was no more unfairness in electing presidents, from Diaz’s unfair reelections, Obregón followed his term and stepped down after it ended. In conclusion, this revolution was a success because it accomplished what the people was wishing for, land and liberty.


The World Without Fish

The World Without Fish is a non-fiction book written by Mark Kurlansky. This book presents a different perspective on the cruel treatment of fish by humans and what happens if they continue to do so. A series of fish-catching activities that people participate in have a profound impact on the entire marine food chain and the marine environment. This book also makes full use of a variety of ways to present the author’s point of view. Whether it’s from real cases, science, or comics, readers can finally realize the seriousness of such things. I recommend this book to individual groups of people, maybe people who live by the sea or work as fishermen, to get to know the real situation and try to change it

When I first read this book, I wrote down what I initially thought were the Central Idea, Themes, and Issues. Most of the predictions didn’t change in subsequent readings. This book basically tells a Central Idea from a variety of different perspectives, which is what to do if there are no fish in the world.

Then I came up with one of the most basic topics to discuss. The author uses many examples to show us the importance and relevance of this matter. Basically everything in this book is related. Whether it is industry, fishermen to ordinary human beings will be connected.

Then, I followed up with another idea and expressed from a different perspective what too much commercialization can do to fish. Here I choose to use the economic aspect to tell others how much damage to the economy would be done if commercialization caused the extinction of fish. Then I also told others from an environmental perspective and considering the future of mankind, the over-commercialization of fish is really doing a huge amount of harm to the future of many industries.

For more reading:


The book I read is called”The Gospel According to Larry”. This book is talking about the main character Josh hide his identity to a fake guy called Larry online. But about this identity was always a question. The theme of this book is no matter how you hide something, the truth will always be found out. Maybe you will get in danger or lost an important thing in your life.


This poem was based on the short story “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl. The poem was also based on the external conflict in this story, which is Mary vs her husband. After Mary’s husband told Mary about he is gonna leave her, Mary used a leg of a lamb to killed her husband. From this events, we can noticed that, this short story is very bloody and scary. According to this information, I choose the background to red and black. Both colors showed darkness and bloody.  The images I put next to my poem were two very important items in this short story too. One of the images shows a leg of a lamb, and that was the weapon that Mary used to kill her husband. Another images shows some stairs, that is the place that Mary actually wants to her husband. I used a sentence that Mary said in this story to be my last sentence because I think in this way will let the readers to know what was Mary’s feeling after she killed her husband.

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