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This poem was based on the short story “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl. The poem was also based on the external conflict in this story, which is Mary vs her husband. After Mary’s husband told Mary about he is gonna leave her, Mary used a leg of a lamb to killed her husband. From this events, we can noticed that, this short story is very bloody and scary. According to this information, I choose the background to red and black. Both colors showed darkness and bloody.  The images I put next to my poem were two very important items in this short story too. One of the images shows a leg of a lamb, and that was the weapon that Mary used to kill her husband. Another images shows some stairs, that is the place that Mary actually wants to her husband. I used a sentence that Mary said in this story to be my last sentence because I think in this way will let the readers to know what was Mary’s feeling after she killed her husband.

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