Drama: Round the House Video

My video for the Drama project “Round the House”!

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Sewable Electronics Frog Pin!

In our class, Circuits, e-Textiles, and code, Oh My!, we were prompted to make pins or bookmarks with sewable electronics.

I chose to make a frog with a party hat that lit up. It’s sewn out of different pieces of felt that I cut out. I chose this design in particular, out of all 3 of the designs I made, because I thought it would be the most convenient to make for my first sewable electronic project. I also really like frogs.

For this project, I learned many new different stitches. I even got to use those new sewing skills with my first embroidery kit at home. While sewing my project, I overcame the things that were hard for me by asking for help, and practicing the stitches that I messed up. A tip for people next semester is: Practice a lot! You want to be able to have nice stitches, that keep your whole project together.



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How can having better self-confidence help Percy in school?

Percy faces a dull and miserable life as he moves from school to school each year. Percy’s learning disadvantages don’t help either. His confidence is low, as are his grades.

Percy’s rough time and his bad grades are a direct result of his low self-confidence. Percy doesn’t believe in himself, so he doesn’t realize that he could do much better in school. He says, “Mr. Brunner expected me to be as good as everybody else.” (P7) His narration shows that he doesn’t even believe that he’s on the same level as everyone else. He thinks of himself as below average and not good enough. His words also give us some insight into the effects of Percy’s positive relationships; Mr. Brunner, one of the only adults Percy can rely on, is also one of his only motivations for trying harder in school.

While Percy does have ADHD and dyslexia, he could be doing exceptionally better than he is right now in school. If Percy believed in himself and pushed himself further while trying to study, it’d help him a lot.

I personally think Percy Jackson could benefit from a few study tips to build up better self-confidence and perseverance, that could help him a lot with school and grades.

While watching 3 Tips to boost your confidence, by TED-Ed, I realized Percy could use some of the tips stated in the video. One tip that TED-Ed brings up is to believe in your ability to improve. They also talk about how considering the way you envision your capabilities can affect how you act. If Percy believed that he simply was as good as everyone else, he would be able to do so much more. Percy’s negative attitude towards school affects how well he does in school, and his positive relationships with people. Having low confidence can put you down before you even try.

More on how Percy could gain from trying harder or persevering, 3 Tips to boost your confidence, by TED-Ed also states that “those who fail regularly and keep trying anyways are better equipped to respond to challenges and setbacks in a constructive way.” Percy should keep going trying even after failure, cause one way or another, he’s going to succeed someday. Brought up in Top 10 study tips, by Youth Central, staying motivated is a key to studying well. “When you’re studying it helps to keep in mind your reasons for doing all this hard work, like a course or career you’re working towards. It can help to have something in your study space to remind you of your goals.” Keeping in mind what your goals are, can help you feel more motivated to study towards those goals.

In conclusion, if Percy wants to be better in school, he needs self-confidence, and perseverance, which could result in better grades in school. He could search up study tips and believe in himself more to achieve these things.

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Circuits and Me #1

Course Reflection


Describe your favorite circuit experience in the class to date and explain why it’s the best.

I enjoyed the making of the electrical card circuit the most. I liked making it because I got to experiment with however way I wanted to create my card. There weren’t that many boundaries so it was a pretty free project and I got to choose what I wanted to do with it. I also enjoyed this project since I got to draw on the cover, and I had fun doing that.


Describe a challenge that you’ve overcome already in this class

A challenge I overcame in this class was when my circuit wasn’t working and I couldn’t figure out how. This was a challenge because I tried many different ways to try and fix it but they didn’t work. I finally overcame this challenge when Ms. Kim came and helped identify the problem (my LED wires were too bent.) and fixed it with me.


Describe a difficulty you are currently having that you have not yet overcome.

A difficulty that I’m having is that my electric  circuit works by folding over so there’s a crease in the copper wire that’s caused by that. It can interfere with how well the energy flows through the copper wire. I think next time to overcome this problem I’ll use a switch instead of making it work when it’s folded over.


Project Reflection

For this project we made electric cards for someone. For my electric card I made a birthday card for my friend Bernice. The LED on my card is to represent the blue balloon in the background.

One thing I’m happy about is the cover, I liked making it.

One aspect I’d like to do different next time is to change the way I made the circuit and instead use a switch instead of folding over.


#papercircuits #circuits #design

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Habitat Mini Project

This is my Habitat Mini Project Thinglink that I made for science. For this unit we learned mostly about ecosystems, food chains and food webs.

I think my biggest take away from G6 science was learning about energy because we had fun while learning a lot about energy and I feel like it was a pretty significant unit.

Next year I think it would be cool if we learned about human organs and how they worked.

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Our Stories Make History Final Project

Over the past few weeks of isolation and e-learning, we finished the project “Our Stories Make History” in Humanities class. This was a series of different little projects put together of our experiences during the Coronavirus this year. I decided to organize my project with Thinglink because I was already familiar with using this from one of our past projects. This would be useful as a primary source in the future because it has all of my experiences so far piled into one project, and the experiences and the organization would help figure out what life was like from at least one point of view. I think this unit went well because we had our own time to ourselves to get things together and get things done, and we even made our own to-do lists. Something that might’ve pushed me back was internet problems and things just generally not doing well. I feel like if we were to be at school right now it would’ve been much easier.

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Creative Performance Assignment

This is my creative performance assignment for Humanities. I drew a coronavirus related drawing that features a cat.

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Dear Abby Letter: Character Conflict

Dear Abby,

I’ve been neighbors with this girl I like my whole life. We used to be childhood friends, we biked around the cul de sac. After we accidentally saw a dead man in the park, she never spoke to me again, until a few days ago. She loved mysteries, but then she became one. How do I get closer to her again? How do I figure out how to ask her why she needed me the other day?
The one and only,

Missing My Childhood Friend

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Early Humans and Us Reflection

I feel like I really wrapped things together at the end of this project and I got everything done on the last day, so that went well. I feel like the most difficult thing was that I was super confused at the beginning of this project and I wasn’t sure how to use my time properly so I had to work really hard near the end to get it done. I would probably change what subject I used for this project or at least my question because the material of tools isn’t really a broad area you can research.

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Early Humans and Us

In Humanities we’ve been working on research project about early humans and us. My research question was “How did/does the material of tools affect how live(d) then and now?”. Our projects were made and posted on Thinglink. Here’s mine:

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