I once caught 2 frogs, and I made one of them jumped into a lot of garbages, so my name should be Frog's Enemy

Humanities Mini I-Book Legacy Andrew

AndrewL’s smell detector prototype


First press the “button” suck air in the gun, so words will appear on the screen showing what smell is detected by it.

Andrew Luo’s Light Box Reflection



Andrew Luo’s light box:


General information:

  • 4 layers
  • bright type LED
  • 95 x 55 cm inside
  • Great wall themed

Why I made this:

This great wall idea actually isn’t my first idea, I initially wanted to make the light box of the moon, but that’s too impossible. My theme of the great wall is neutral, not that sad, not that happy. It’s a nice combination of green grass, blue sky, white clouds, and gray wall.

Overall, I think  my light box is pretty good because I made what I wanted and I successfully followed my plans to make and paint my light box. Thought, my worst part is painting. Same as my prediction, painting is very hard. I tried hard on painting not that thick, and I also tried hard on not painting on the other colors. But my light box is good because my best part is the laser cutting. I made my light box on an app called adobe illustrator. I’m also a fast worker. I’m always one of the first to complete a task.

I learned a lot form this light box project. Number one, obviously, I learned to use adobe illustrator. Another thing I learned is how to use painting tape. If do this again, I’ll use the tape differently and make the painting better.  My advice from my best friend is to put the LED wire down and become covered by the layers.  My project can make people that have special memories of the great wall or me feel good.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – How can Percy Have a better Attitude Toward Studying?


Percy thinks he is a troubled kid. He couldn’t focus and he doesn’t believe in himself. His issues with concentration and self-confidence is critical, but if he tried to believe in himself; if he concentrated with certain strategies, he won’t be a troubled kid anymore.

Percy’s Problems

Percy lacks concentration. Percy’s problem with concentration is mostly effected by ADHD. In page 7, Percy said that he was given a same expectation although he had dyslexia and attention deficit disorder and isn’t able to get above C-. Another reason for concentration is fights with Nancy. “I got into more fights with Nancy Bobofit and her friends. I was sent out into the hallway almost every class.” Said Percy in page 17. This quote showed that Percy is badly effected by Nancy. Percy’s next major problem is have too less self-confidence. Percy hoped to not get in trouble, so he thinks that probably he will get in trouble. A confident person will say he won’t get in trouble, but Percy said hope, that means he is really unconfident about himself.

Solutions to Percy’s Problems

But how to solve these two problems? Percy can Improve himself by believing in himself. Whenever people lacks confidence, the best solutions is probably believing in themselves. Also, Percy can try to think of something good that he did, and it will make him happier, satisfied, and more confident. Percy can concentrate by trying to ignore Nancy. If there’re cures for ADHD, then great, Percy can use it. Also, he should try harder on studying, a better grade can boost everything.

Connections between Percy and I

I have a lot of similarities with Percy, but also a lot of differences. The biggest difference is the attitude toward school. I like school and rather stay after school, not going home. Percy is negative about school. He thinks that home is better than school. We still share similarities. We both think that friendship is more important than grades. Percy protected his best friend Grover everyday, keeping him away from bullies, but he himself got a bad grade.

If Percy believed in himself; if Percy tried harder; if Percy ignored Nancy, than he will start to be confident and concentrate on studying. If Percy focused; if Percy is confident, than school will be a better place for him and he won’t struggle with learning.


-Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

-3 Tips to Boost your Confidence (

-How to Focus on Studying (

Defeat the bad guys by Andrew

Habitat mini project

Andrew’s reading final project – Harry Hotter and the Half-Blood Prince

E-learning and study, the main event (and frog).

COVID final work


  1.  In this unit, I created a lot of projects and wrote some journals.
  2. I organized the project using the checklist and the steps. Also, I used the chronological method.
  3. The historians can know what E-learning in 2020 is, and they can know what students are learning in humanities class now. They can also learn english in 2020s.
  4. The things I’m most proud of is my collage and the Keynote video, these 2 took me a lot of time, but I think they are my best works.
  5. Normally, I don’t write journals, but now I tried and got meeting.

Early Humans and Us: Tools and Weapons

The “values and limitations” and the script went really well, but the video failed too many times. If I can do it all over again, I’ll find another place recording my video and not spend too much time on finding pictures.


Capability1: Can make tools. They can make tools that are way better than tools found in nature, like hand axe. A normal cutting tool in nature can cut a piece of meat faster than hand, and a normal made tool can cut a piece of meat in a second, which saves a lot of time and can get the meat without the predator get them. Capability2: Live together. Homo Erectus live together, so when a predator came, the probability of one member getting caught is massively decreased. Also, a group can hunt more successfully and get more meat, so they wont die in hunger. Capability3: Can use fire. When there’s fire, they can cook meat and burn preys. 1 piece of cooked meat contains more energy and nutrients than the raw meat, so they have less probability for dying in hunger. Also, fire is good if used as weapons.They’ll have more chance to kill their prey.

These capability greatly helps Homo Erectus survive.

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