Capability1: Can make tools. They can make tools that are way better than tools found in nature, like hand axe. A normal cutting tool in nature can cut a piece of meat faster than hand, and a normal made tool can cut a piece of meat in a second, which saves a lot of time and can get the meat without the predator get them. Capability2: Live together. Homo Erectus live together, so when a predator came, the probability of one member getting caught is massively decreased. Also, a group can hunt more successfully and get more meat, so they wont die in hunger. Capability3: Can use fire. When there’s fire, they can cook meat and burn preys. 1 piece of cooked meat contains more energy and nutrients than the raw meat, so they have less probability for dying in hunger. Also, fire is good if used as weapons.They’ll have more chance to kill their prey.

These capability greatly helps Homo Erectus survive.