Andrew Luo’s light box:


General information:

  • 4 layers
  • bright type LED
  • 95 x 55 cm inside
  • Great wall themed

Why I made this:

This great wall idea actually isn’t my first idea, I initially wanted to make the light box of the moon, but that’s too impossible. My theme of the great wall is neutral, not that sad, not that happy. It’s a nice combination of green grass, blue sky, white clouds, and gray wall.

Overall, I think  my light box is pretty good because I made what I wanted and I successfully followed my plans to make and paint my light box. Thought, my worst part is painting. Same as my prediction, painting is very hard. I tried hard on painting not that thick, and I also tried hard on not painting on the other colors. But my light box is good because my best part is the laser cutting. I made my light box on an app called adobe illustrator. I’m also a fast worker. I’m always one of the first to complete a task.

I learned a lot form this light box project. Number one, obviously, I learned to use adobe illustrator. Another thing I learned is how to use painting tape. If do this again, I’ll use the tape differently and make the painting better.  My advice from my best friend is to put the LED wire down and become covered by the layers.  My project can make people that have special memories of the great wall or me feel good.