"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Master LEGO Builders: Ruins

My goal was to make the ruins after a battle, and this is the first time I’ve tried to build something without instructions and completely out of my imaginations. I think I accomplished half of my goal, and sort of failed the other half. I made the broken-down building look pretty “ruined”. But due to the limitations of blocks and my ability, the ground was a bit too bright (it was green) for it to be some kind of ruins, and it was smaller than what I expected. If I had more time and blocks, I would probably make the grass darker,  increase the size of my creation, and possibly adding some details to it. Overall, the process of building was quite interesting and fun because I had to plan every block I put down.

Argumentative Essay: Sugar Tax

Diabetes costs the US $327 billion in health care and lost productivity. People are wasting so much money on diabetes. The government should put a tax on sugary drinks because it would save money, gives better health conditions, and improve the economy.

Putting a tax on sugary drinks could help save money. Americans spent $65 billion on Soda in 2012. The government could do a lot with $65 billion. Build shelters for homeless people, improve technology, getting better health care. These are all things that the government could do with $65 billion. And this is only on Soda, the number of money would increase a lot if we count how much Americans spend on other sugary drinks. Also, a study showed that putting a 20% tax on sugary drinks resulted in a 20% less consumption rate. This means that less drinks are being bought; therefore, saving money.

Improving health is one of the main benefits of taxing sugary drinks. At least 2.8 million people die each year due to obesity. Obesity is usually caused by consuming too much added sugar. Putting a tax on sugary drinks would save lives because sugar tax would decrease the consumption rate. Not only does eating added sugar make you obese, it also brings diseases like diabetes and different kinds of heart diseases. The global prevalence of diabetes among adults has increased from 4.7% in 1980 to 8.5% in 2014, that is nearly doubling. Taxing would decrease the amount of sugary drinks consumed; therefore, decreasing the amount of added sugar consumed. This would lower the risk of getting diabetes. These two pieces of evidence clearly show that taxing sugary drinks would make a healthier population.

The opposition might say that water is more expensive than sugary drinks, and poor people can’t buy enough water. Once the government taxes the drinks, they can’t afford it any more. Their claim is untrue because a study modeling the Australian population showed that a 20% tax on sugary drinks would mean that 400,000 fewer people would be obese, and ¾ of those people would be in the work force. This way, the poor people can earn more money, and also improving the economy. Which would then result in the whole country to be wealthier.

Overall, the government should tax sugary drinks because it would save your money, improve the economy of your country, and most importantly make you healthier. If you want you, your friends, your family, your whole country, even the world to be healthier, then please put a tax on sugary drinks.


We need happiness. Many people think that happiness would make people lazy, but a study showed that people who were happy were 11 percent more productive. Happiness could improve dicision making and creativity, it is the key to success. Happiness can bring great benefits for society, they are also less likely to take risks. Happy people like to help others, and contribute to the society. They are more likely to influence other people around them. Being whealthy doesn’t mean that you are happy. The pursuit of happiness isn’t a silly goal. It does mean that happiness works all the time, but happiness brings major advantages. Happiness is the thing we want most for the ones we love.

Mini Habitat Project


In this project, I got to learn about a lot of things like symbiosis, and how ecosystems worked.

I think this project is really fun because I learned more about oceans and animals/plants in this habitat.

I am most proud of the things I did about food webs.

I think the hardest part of the project was doing research on the species because my source (WWF) didn’t have as many information about the ocean habitat.

Our Story Makes History Final Project


If I were to rate this unit from 1-10 with 1 being horrible, and 10 being fantastic, I would rate it a 6.5. I think it’s not so fun, but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t do the performance thing because I thought I HAD to take a video of something and showing my face in front of a camera is really hard for me. But later, I saw that one of our teachers just took a picture of her favorite workout. I was going to do something about a workout, but when I ask Ms. Shannon, it kind of got confusing. Anyway, I’ll try to step out of my comfort zone next time.

• I organized my final project by grouping them in two different groups: emotional and physical.

• I think this would help historians learn what we do in our time, and what it was like during the coronavirus.

• I think the most challenging thing in this unit is stepping out of my comfort zone (read the first paragraph for more information).

• I think the 6-word memoir went pretty well because I had a lot of different feelings at that time.

This is the only way that I can put my powerpoint on this blog.




Early Humans and Us

My research question was ” How has the materials of hunting tools impacted how difficult it is to hunt?” During my research, I learned a lot about hunting. One thing I learned about modern humans was that there were two different kinds of hunting, big game and small game. Big game is hunting large animals like bears. Small game on the other hand is hunting small animals like rabbits. When I was researching about early humans, I learned that Neanderthals used stone spears to hunt, but those spears were too heavy for them to throw, so they had to get close to their prey to kill it.

These are my Thinglink project and my audio reflection.

My Metaphor Map

This is my metaphor map and these are the explanation for the illustration on it.

Badminton is a mountain for me because is I make one mistake in a game, my opponent would score a point.

Homework is a desert to me because it’s kind of boring.

Video games are an oasis to me because if I’m getting tired of work, video games are a great way to refresh myself.

School is like a peninsula to me because stuff are coming from all over the place.

My anger is a volcano because it’s usually “sleeping”, but when I get really angry, it would “explode”.

Reading is a lake to me because it is calming and quiet.

My thoughts are like a river because ideas and thoughts are constantly flowing through my head.

Music is like a forest to me because sometimes I would get lost in the music

Math is like an ocean to me because there is always something new to learn.

My family is like a plain to me because it’s pretty smooth.

The picture of my map is not scanned properly because the paper was too big. Sorry😭

I am from Nian Ye Fan and old Legos

We looked at different “Where I’m From” poems and then we wrote our own. In a  “Where I’m From” poem, we don’t just tell you which country we’re from. We use special objects (inside or outside of our house), food, and things that our parents often say to tell you where we are from.

Hum_Liang_Andy_Where I’m From Poem

Water Filter Design Challenge

Why is engineering important?

Engineering is important because it could help solve problems in the world and make our world a better place.


What was your challenge?

My challenge was that our design wasn’t stable, so it kind of fell apart when we first poured the water in.


Why did you choose that design?

I chose this design because I think that fabric and mesh plates would filter the water well.


How does it work?

The dirty water would go through the first layer of filter, which is fabric. Then it would go down a PVC pipe that also has a filter. After that, the water will go into a second cup with two mesh plates on it.


Was your design successful?

Our design successfully filtered the water, but it didn’t make the water crystal-clear.


How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign)

I would make our design more stable because it fell apart when we first poured the water on it. I would not use the cups next time, I would make it sort of like a pyramid with four skewers and filters in the middle (that’s the best I can describe it).


(If redesign) Was your redesign successful?

We didn’t get to redesign.

The materials that we used were: Mesh plates, fabric, PVC pipes, cardboard cylinders, pipe cleaners, and cups.

I didn’t save the picture of our apparatus😭

How Do I Feel About Middle School?

I made a lot of new friends in Middle School. I made a friend on the first day of school, I wasn’t excepting that. Although I made a lot of new friends, I still play and sit with my old friends at lunch.

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