"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Master Lego Builders- Amusement Park

In this unit of Master Lego Builders, we created a friendly amusement park. Our park (Gavin and I) featured a car parade, a shop, a restaurant, a roller coaster, a pirate ship ride,  and a target practice/challenge. It was very fun and challenging to create such a vast amusement park. If I could redo the project, I would definitely connect more rides and design a park gate. Lastly, I would like to give credit to Gavin, my amazing teammate, he helped me a lot and is a very nice person.


Lightbox Reflection


During the first quarter of design, my classmates and I worked on a lightbox project. This project mostly took place on Adobe Illustrator CS6, an app that allows users to design a blueprint or design and cut it out via laser cutter. This process required us to design separate layers of wood to create a depth and 3D effect for our landscape which was what our lightbox was themed about. This process/stage in the project was definitely the most time consuming because of color errors and grouping errors. This process required great patience and precision when designing the layers. Then, after we had a completed, errorless design we cut our layers out and painted them in colors of our choice. This stage was probably the most enjoyable stage in the project in my opinion. Last but not least, we assembled the lightbox, we took LED lights and wired them below or around our layers to create a beautiful lightbox. below is the finished lightbox.

Back of lightbox

Grade 7 Humanities Classkick project

Hello! This is my first blog post in 7th grade, it is about a mini assignment on classkick. We basically had to read a paragraph about happiness and how it can affect your life and health.

The article first informs us that happiness can provide you with the best possible life also being more productive. Then the article goes further to state that happiness not only benefits yourself, but can benefit others. For example, being happy not only decreases the risks to do bad/risky things but can also help others have a better day. After that, the article explains about how money does not mean happiness. This basically translates into everyone that wants to be happy can succeed to be truly happy. Finally, the article talks about how happiness comes to limit and cannot be overestimated as a magical cure to everything.

Science Habitat Mini Project

Over the course of E-Learning, our class has been learning about habitats and food chains. This was the result, I was pretty satisfied by the result.


Our Stories Make History

Here is my Our Stories Make History assignment featuring some of the work and assignments I’ve done this month.

Our Stories Make History

Here is the link to the original post on DX:

Link to Dragon’s Exchange Our Stories Make History

Here is the link to the original assignment on DX!

Our Stories Make History Final Product

This is my Our Stories Make History powerpoint that I made: Our Stories Make History

It includes some of the assignments and work I have done in the past few weeks, enjoy!

Metaphor Maps

Here’s an explanation of my map:

My life is a plain, wide and simple

My goals are mountains, high but steep

My thoughts are as deep as a valley

My ideas are a constantly flowing river, each thought is new

My  fears are a volcano, threatening to explode

My home is an oasis, where I’m safe and cozy

My Chinese is an island, even though it’s far away it’s still a part of me

My curiosity is a peninsula,  always reaching outwards

My family is a forest, together we are strong

My calmness is as still as a lake

My friendliness is a coast, inviting newcomers

My worries are the sea trying to swallow me up

Blog Post Reflection

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